Two Guys, a Girl and a TV Set

Three college friends out in the world, filling the void with television…and loving it.


We live in Mayberry. But separately, we hail from Sunnydale, Stars Hollow and Dillon, Texas. We work at Sterling-Cooper. We conduct business while walking and talking in hallways. We take Vitameatavegamin after every meal, to go along with our Vicadin. We make phone calls to CTU on our shoes. We watch Sportsnight and the News with Ted Baxter. We scan the dial for WKRP, KACL and WNYX.  We tell St. Olaf stories. Two of us deal in Hamsterdam. The other is fierce and makes it work on the runway. We randomly yell “objection” and “stat.” We trip over ottomans. We often solve crimes in less than 42 minutes.  We fly Oceanic. And we’re always waiting to be spun off.



Mr. Feeny — I was raised by a pack of TV shows in a living room. My parents were around too, but everything I really needed to know about life but was afraid to ask I learned from the tube. For instance, my knowledge of the book that I just alluded to…only because of an episode of The Wonder Years. Cartoons and Nick@Nite were my bread-and-butter. So consequentially, I know more about my parents’ generation of TV than I probably do about today’s. But I’ve been catching up. Usually on DVD, usually 3 or 4 seasons in. But there’s little I enjoy more than watching an entire season in a week. Especially when it’s Finals Week. Hopefully this year, I’ll actually find a show I like at the very beginning…and not when it’s off the air and half the actors are dead.

Feeny’s Top 10 Current Shows

Feeny’s Top 10 Shows of All Time

CJ Cregg — I have an addictive personality.  This makes me incapable of drinking in moderation or watching only one episode at a time.  Much like Mr. Feeny, I have been known to watch multiple seasons of shows in very, very short time periods.  (Current obsession: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)  I also grew up on Nick@Nite and have seen every episode of Get Smart.  Television allows me to get away from the real life of a graduate student living in a tiny apartment in Madison, Wisconsin, who can barely even afford to pay their cable bill each month.  Hooray escapism.  And yes, I would pay for cable over food.

CJ’s Top 10 Current Shows

CJ’s Top 10 Shows of All Time

Marlo Stanfield — The two shows I wasn’t allowed to watch as a child?  Married with Children and Beavis and Butthead.  My parents didn’t care necessarily about adult content, just that they didn’t want me to be stupid (Showed them, I still watched them.)  I’ve spent way too much of my life consuming television- from Eureka’s Castle to the X-Men cartoon to the Simpsons to LOST and, of course, The Wire. That probably accounts for 1/500th of the shows I’ve seen.  The greatest tragedy of my life is that I’m without HBO at the moment or a DVR that can record three shows at once.



Christopher Moltisanti — I’ll admit it. I’m the weak link of the three. I’ve probably seen a third of the TV shows Mr. Feeny has and while, like CJ, I have an addictive personality, I tend to use it up on politics and sports. That said, when I stumble across good TV, I’m hooked and can go toe-to-toe with Mr. Feeny in terms of watching a season in a week. Like my blogging colleagues, Nick@Nite was a go-to source of entertainment as a kid. The first modern shows I got hooked on were The X-Files, The Practice and ER. And as evidenced by my blogging name, I think The Sopranos is the greatest thing that has ever been or ever will be on TV–and I’ll argue that point with anyone. Also, I’m always looking for new shows to get into on DVD, so let me know if you have any ideas.


4 Responses to “Credits”

  1. rachel said

    CJ Cregg, I’m freaking excited you’ve joined the BTVS movement. As I watch the entire series every summer, I would like to inform you I’m finally on Season 7 (late, I know), but it never gets old and by the end of watching entire seasons in three to eight days, I can always rely on the fact that I will believe that with a little time I can get my curtains to close through magical means. One question remains: Spike or Angel? Let’s discuss.
    (Also, congrats on the blog to all three of you, I’m very much enjoying it.)

    • Mr. Feeny said

      Easily Spike. Angel’s backstory is compelling simply because he was around for another 100 years and regained his soul for a whole century. But that meta joke that they keep using about his brooding and lack of emotion…that’s funny for a while, but those characteristics don’t make the character enjoyable, at least for me. I’ve started to turn around on Angel, the series, because of Wesley and the aforementioned background detail…but Spike is still much better.

      With Spike, he didn’t need his soul restored. He showed that there’s something still inside a vampire. Urges that can be resisted with a little help from a microchip. Some probably think this fails to meet the vamp canon, but I’ve grown to like the idea of someone, even a vampire, being able to change on his own. Of course, James Marsters is also hilarious and a pure joy to watch on screen. I could do without the sex stuff from Season Six…a little freaky. But I can actually see what Buffy sees in Spike…unlike Angel.

      • rachel said

        I think one of my favorite things about Spike is his honesty, even when it misses the mark. (“You always hurt the one you love, pet.” in the fifth season episode when Buffy thinks she killed Warren’s ex was a little too convenient a response to Buffy beating Spike to a bloody pulp.) By not being afraid to tell it like it was, he kept Buffy in a more honest place, and kept her kind of rooted in the darkness she always possessed. It was like having the tap-dancing demon from “Once More with Feeling” around all the time, which was one of the more enjoyable aspects about his character.

        Next up: favorite villain? Are any of you guys joining the True Blood bandwagon?

  2. Satch said

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