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“Thanks for the Memories”: Brothers and Sisters (S5: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 9, 2011

Bad EMTs?

I apparently missed an episode while overseas last week.  But here goes this episode.

Justin is under investigation for questionable medical procedures authorized while working as an EMT.  This strains the relationship he has with the nurse he’s been wooing.  He ends up getting let off the hook, though.

Kevin and Scotty seem to be adopting a child.  She’s older and named Olivia.  They start to get nervous about their parenting skills after Paige misbehaves at their house.  Also, Olivia picked Scotty’s pocket when they meet her.  She also doesn’t want them to be her parents.  She’s also a terrible actress whoever it is that plays her.

David is moving to New York and wants Holly to come with him, but she’s not ready to leave.  Nora invites her to move in.  She then proceeds to drive her crazy with yoga, the farmers market, and vegetable smoothies.  (Sidenote: Sally Field has some bulging old lady muscles.)  “Nora, you are a cross between Martha Stewart and Joseph Stalin.”  Holly decides she’s ready to start over and let her past go, so she and Nora have a huge beach bonfire and burn her old stuff.  Weird.

Kitty is taking Evan to see Robert’s kids in Washington DC.  She’s also contemplating a return to politics.  Disapproving Sarah disapproves.  Seth, her barista boyfriend, also ain’t happy.  In the end, the visiting family story was a cover up, I think, as she leaves Evan behind and hits the road.

Paige has a boyfriend, it seems.  She’s been sneaking around, and now she’s grounded.  Bum-mer.

Saul forgives Jonathan for giving him HIV.

Holly finally takes her leave.  Is she gone for good?  Could this really be true?  I’m afraid to get my hopes up.

Next week? Tommy comes back.  And he’s married.  Shah-zaaaam.



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Brothers and Sisters Holiday Overload

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 12, 2010

Kitty's earnest grad student Seth.

I’ve been slacking off on my blogging as I have already mentioned.  But I thought I’d drop you a little posty-post to update you on the activities of the Walker family.

Last episode, Kitty started her job at the college.  She’s now sleeping with the grad student barista at her new fave coffee shop.  When she found out he was a grad student at her school, though, she freaks out and calls it off.

Kevin and Scotty are going to adopt a child.  But in Kevin’s nervousness, he eats a pot brownie and gets totally high.  The social worker ends up having to cancel the visit anyway.

Nora is starting to get hot and heavy with the guy from her radio station, Carl.

Now, Nora’s in holiday overdrive.  But as she burns the cookies and forgets the nutmeg, she decides to jet to Santa Fe with Carl and cancel Christmas for her family.  The Walker kids’ mouths hang open in shock.

Sarah’s trying to make some changes at the radio station she now owns.  Starting by firing some people 3 days before Christmas.  She’s a grinch because Luc is overseas doing some artsy stuff.  Or underwear modeling.  I forget.

Justin’s back at the hospital trying to make inroads with that nurse again. He’s also trying to become a paramedic.

Kitty cracks and starts sleeping with Seth the grad student/barista again.

When Carl and Nora get to Santa Fe, she starts her motherly freak out about how her kids don’t need her anymore.

Kitty and Kevin are hosting dueling Christmases.  Kitty’s Christmas is minimalist, whereas Kevin’s is way overboard.  Kitty and Kevin both make a stop at Nora’s house late at night to raid her decorations.  After a big, predictable, but hilarious fight, they decide to have separate Christmases.  (Kitty: FINE!  Go have your two-treed, LGBT, politically correct, don we now our GAY apparel Christmas.)

OK, this episode really goes off the rails when Nora has a dream while in Santa Fe all ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ as if she had never raised her kids at all.  In the dream, the kids all plotting to kill Nora for her inheritance while Holly is the family matriarch.  Justin’s a drunk and Kevin is still in the closet.  It’s crazy.  And so so random.  The ultimate impact of this dream is that Nora decides she wants to go home.  (Saw that coming.  Why Carl ever thought she would survive away from her fam for the holidays is beyond me.)

Saul comes face to face with an old flame, the man who infected him with HIV.

Kitty and Kevin make up and combine their Christmases at Nora’s house, and when she returns with Carl, it’s a happy holiday for all.  That is, until Seth drops a bomb that his mom is the Dean of the school.  Oh, snap!

And with that, we break until Jan 2nd when Kitty’s sex scandal will be revealed.

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“Resolved”: Brothers and Sisters (S6: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 7, 2010

Cold as ice

Hey look!  Evan!  I forgot he existed for a few episodes there.  Kitty and Sarah are lounging around internet shopping and reading magazines.  However, this thought apparently strikes them both at the same time: they need to get jobs.  (OMG YES THEY DO.)  They decide to work together to use the Ojai money to find a new company to buy into or buy out.  Would that jobs were always that easy to get.  But, sibling rivalry kicks in and Kitty and Sarah start arguing.  They are acting uber-childish right now.  Do adults really bicker like this?  My sister and I don’t.

Justin has taken to driving Holly to her doctor’s appointments.  He meets a cute new nurse who asks him out.  Turns out David’s been smoking the reefer to deal with the stress.  This does not make former-addict Justin happy.  David is totally pliable when Justin convinces him to go to a meeting, which seems out of character.  But one meeting and he’s cured, huh?  Holly has a breakthrough and remembers that David asked her to marry him before the accident.  When she tells David she remembers, she also tells Justin he needs to move on and stop using her to hold on to Rebbecca.

Kevin and Scotty are both supposed to help Paige with her debate tournament for school.  Clearly, this was just a clever rouse on the part of the Walkers to get Kevin and Scotty back together.  Their practice session turns into a not-so veiled discussion of their relationship.

Nora meets a new guy at her radio station, but she storms off on him when he tries to give her parenting advice even though he doesn’t have kids.  She changes her mind about him when he turns out to be right about her needing to butt out of the situation between Sarah and Kitty.

EDITING ERROR!  Kitty tells Sarah when they meet to apologize to each other that she has an apology chardonnay in the fridge.  But she pours them each a glass of red wine.  1) Chardonnay is a white wine.  2) You don’t keep red wine in the fridge anyway.  Boooo, ABC.

Kitty and Sarah aren’t going to go into business together.  Kitty took a teaching job.  (Last I checked, teaching jobs required lots of paperwork to fill out and several rounds of interviews.)  Sarah is going to put in a bid for a media company.

Kevin finally comes around and realizes he’s supposed to be with Scotty.  He apologizes for his personality flaws, and Scotty asks for forgiveness.  There’s an insanely heartfelt ‘I love you’ from Kevin as they go watch Paige in her debate.  Damn that guy’s a good actor.

Wait a second.  Something feels unresolved.  What did Kevin so desperately need to tell Scotty at the end of last episode?   Way to drop a storyline.

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“An Ideal Husband”: Brothers and Sisters (S6: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 31, 2010

The bomb has dropped.  Scotty cheated on Kevin, and their marriage is crumbling.  This is intense and has the feeling of old time Brothers

What is about him that makes Sarah act like a child? At any rate, Luc is the voice of reason.

and Sisters of the first few seasons.  Which is a good thing if you ask me.

Sarah has still not told anyone that she and Luc are officially engaged.

A charity event is approaching, and Luc insists Sarah wear the ring for everyone to see.  Scotty and Kevin can’t decide if they should go to the event together.  I smell Walker family blowup approaching.

Kitty and Jack are back in LA, and Jack is going back to corporate America for an i-banking job.   Jack gets a job that is sending him to Vietnam (cuz there’s lots of i-banking to be done there apparently?), and he wants Kitty and Evan (who we haven’t seen in several episodes) to come with him.  She’s actually considering it.  (Holy cow, the speed of their relationship is blowing my mind.  Last week she wasn’t ready to sleep with him.)  But he’s quickly turning into a blackberry-obsessed tool.  This snaps her back to reality, and they break up realizing each was only using the other in transition.  Wow.  I mean this is all way too fast.  They went from sleeping together to living together to moving across the world together to broken up in like 2 hours.

When Sarah and Nora show up to help Scotty set up for the charity event, Kevin blows up and tells them that Scotty cheated.  Nora and Sarah turn to drinking wine before noon, as the Walkers always do.  But hey, it’s a rose, so call it brunch.  But now that Scotty and Kevin’s marriage is falling apart, Sarah is getting cold feet about hers.  It’s totally unhealthy how much this pressure this family puts on the only surviving marriage they have, Kevin and Scotty’s.  They are flying off the handle about something that is a private issue between Kevin and Scotty.  But I guess that’s what the Walkers do.

At the charity event, the guy Scotty cheated with shows up.  Justin is the only one seeming to be on Scotty’s side, and he tells Scotty that Marcus is there, and helps him out.  (Flashbacks of Scotty cheating–not good storytelling, ABC.)  This guy is a total douchebag.  Marcus, not Justin or Scotty.  Well Scotty, too, for cheating.  Kevin is drunk and making a total ass of himself.  Punches are thrown.

When Kevin and Scotty finally face each other, it’s a scene so full of intensity and pain that I can’t look away. These guys are good actors.

Sarah and Luc make up, realizing that you have to work on love, and they tell the fam about their engagement.

And yet, despite it all, Saul and others continue to suggest that Kevin and Scotty are as close to perfect as a relationship can be.  This bothers me.  No relationship is perfect.  No relationship is even close to perfect.  Expecting it to be just sets you up for disappointment (this from your bitter, lonely, grad student blogger).  Nora’s speech on her radio show at the end is a better view of what marriage and a relationship is about.  Stop it with this perfect talk.

End of the episode: Kevin on the phone with Scotty.  Kevin says he isn’t ready to come home, but says he has to tell Scotty something.  Aaaaaaand, end scene.  What do you think it is?  Did Kevin cheat too?  Does he want a divorce?  Is he just going to say he forgives Scotty?  I HAVE TO KNOW.

OK, ABC.  You have sucked me back in.  And this season (despite massive flaws) is turning out better than the last one, I think.

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“Call Mom”: Brothers and Sisters (S6: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 24, 2010

In too deep?

Is it just me or are the body shots of Luc getting even more gratuitous?

Turns out, everyone’s kinda busy.  Except for Kitty and Jack.  And Sarah.  And Justin who doesn’t seem to do anything.  But Scotty and Kevin are struggling to connect, and Luc is running all over for his modeling career.

Nora heads to the radio station to audition for a show called “Dear Mom” only to find out she has to audition against a famous Dr. Mom.  How weird.  It’s a radio mom smackdown.  Nora calls Kevin (who just randomly shows up at the radio station to calm her down.  Does he not have to work during the day?)  Nora totally sucks it up.  While Kevin awkwardly lingers at the radio station.  Turns out she’s intimidated by Dr. Mom.  But then, during the commercial break, Kevin gives her a pep talk about how experience is more important than a PhD.  Kitty calls in and Nora jumps in as Mother of the Year telling her that it’s time to move on, and if she wants to be with Jack, she’ll know when it’s time to move on.

Nora gets the job because the board “loved the way she talked to the callers as if they were her children.”  Hah.  They were her children.  This was a sweet moment of the family uniting to support their mom.  Moments like these are fleeting in these last few seasons.

Justin struggles to deal with Rebecca and the divorce, he crashes Kitty’s sex party with Jack.  He meets a cute girl at a roadside stand who tells him to move on.  And asks him to go to a bar later. (Is finding someone else always the best way to move on?)

When Kitty and Jack start getting hot and heavy, she realizes she isn’t ready.  She decides she has to go home.  What a random turn of events.  Jack follows her home to Nora’s house.  She learns that he is a disillusioned investment banker, so that maybe “they’re not as different” as she thought they were.  An i-banker?  Really?  At this point, she’s talked to Nora, so she realizes she is ready, I guess.

Sarah becomes convinced that Luc is cheating, so she crashes his meeting with a photographer.  With Scotty in tow.  WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING ALL DAY OTHER THAN NOT WORKING!?!?!  Luc decides he’s wandered too far afield of his dreams, and vows to return to painting and not modeling.  He proposes to Sarah with a huge ring he got with all of his modeling earnings.

Turns out, the reason that Kevin and Scotty are struggling is because Scotty cheated a few months back.

So, basically, everyone in the family realized they were afraid of their dreams and of moving forward.  They realized this, move on, and get all smoochy.  Except for Kevin and Scotty who are destined for tough times ahead.

This show is way too random.  The writers/producers don’t build storylines and sustain them.  For example, what happened to random foster kid from 3 episodes ago?  Blech.

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Well, Brothers and Sisters sucked tonight…

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 17, 2010

Another Sunday night home, another episode of Brothers and Sisters.  I said I wasn’t going to watch, and here I go again.

Justecca slept together and now it’s awkward.

Kitty is building a pergola (are they ever gonna tell us what that is?) with Jack.  (Upon further observation it seems to be a gazebo of some sort.)  She starts babbling about how he should sell his furniture in warehouses in New York, which pisses him off.  But apparently not too much because he grabs her and kisses her.  She freaks out and starts babbling again while being a total weirdo.  Can’t we bring back that nice dad from last season?  This guy is a total hambone.

Sarah is making the costumes for Cooper’s school play.  Wow, Cooper’s still around?  We haven’t seen him in forever.  But Sarah has to suck up to awful snooty parents to try to get him into a private school.  Which I’m sure she can afford because, oh wait, what does she do now?  But when Cooper quits the play because he doesn’t want to kiss a girl, Sarah flies off the handle and once again Luc gets to be the good parent while she seems irrational.

Holly wandered off in the middle of the night last episode and she shows up this afternoon at Nora’s house looking for William.  (Where was she in the interim?)  This is absurd.  She whines about how she can’t go on living like this, and Nora is convinced she’s going to commit suicide and starts screaming at her.  Instead, Holly rationally asks to be taken to the hospital.  This whole story line blows my mind.  Seriously this is so bad.  Holly keeps telling Rebecca that she knows she’s her daughter, but that she doesn’t feel anything for her.  Who would say that?  Especially cuz she seems so rational in all the other scenes.  When she and Holly are reminiscing, Holly says, “If I told you all that, I really must have loved you.  But why don’t I feel anything now?”  Cue Rebecca’s tears.  What the heck?  What a horrible line.

While at the hospital, Rebecca tells Nora that she sent her photography portfolio away and she got offered a job in New York City.  (This is the most absurd part of the storyline.  Magazines aren’t hiring in this economy!) Then she tells Justin.  Who runs crying to Nora.

Sidenote.  What does Justin do now that he’s back from Afghanistan?  What happened to Haiti?  Or, you know, med school?  Did he finally succeed in flunking out?  (My sister says that’s really hard to do.)

But hey, Rebecca’s gone for good.  And you know how I felt about her.

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Brothers and Sisters Season Five Starts…

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 10, 2010

…well it actually started a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t going to watch, but I have been.  I guess we’ll just see how it wraps up.

Season five flash-forwarded one year after the horrific car accident.  Here’s what happened during that year, courtesy of

• Kevin has taken to working pro bono cases while using Saul and Scotty’s restaurant as an office. He threw himself into his work after Michelle lost their baby.

• Sarah is about to close a $55 million dollar deal to sell Narrow Lake. The recession hit Luc’s art sales hard, but he was able to find work as an underwear model.

• Holly’s had memory issues since the accident and doesn’t know that she and Nora are now friends.

• Nora took a job in a flower shop to make ends meet now that there’s no Ojai money coming in. Nora also struggles with the fact that her harsh words may have sent Justin running off to war.

• Justin has been serving overseas for the past year, but returns home. He hopes to patch things up with Rebecca, but she’s already cleared her things out of their apartment.

• Kitty is offered a high profile job by the Republican National Committee. Accepting it would mean time away from Robert. Robert’s been on life support for the past year. Kitty isn’t ready to say goodbye.

Apparently Robert has died.  Must have happened in episode one this season, which I didn’t watch.

Last week, Kitty struggled to find a new house.  Luc took Paige to a party for his underwear modeling job, where she gets drunk.  (Wait, isn’t she like 12?  Stop screwing up the timeline, ABC.)  The kids think Nora is a lesbian because she’s been accepting strange phone calls, but as it turns out, she just hadn’t told them that she got a job at a flower shop.  Justin has been visiting Holly to help her get her memory back, but he still hasn’t seen Rebecca.

This week, Sarah is celebrating a big birthday birthday, but she lied and told Luc she was turning 40.  (I thought she was turning 50, but as Nora made very clear on this episode, she is 63.  Which would mean that Nora had Sarah when she was 13.  My googling could not turn up whether she was actually turning 50, but I could have sworn she said that…)  Anyway, turns out Luc knew all along Sarah was older. At her birthday dinner, Justin drops the bomb that he and Rebecca are actually divorced.  She filed the papers while he was in Afghanistan.

Kitty starts hitting on a hot plumber in her new house in Ojai.  She invites him to dinner, but ruins the souffle.  Rebecca comes by to see Justin, but it’s a fraught and awkward encounter, and she dashes off quickly.  She also visits Holly, but Holly doesn’t remember that Rebecca’s her daughter.  (This storyline is stupid.  No one liked Holly enough to care about her memory.)  In her desperation, Rebecca flees back to Justin.  She wails that she can’t trust him, he says he’s changed, they get all smoochy, we’ve seen this scene a million times.

Holly disappears in the last minute of the episode.

All in all, this season has been as bad as I was expecting it to be.  But it’s still not great.


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Well, that happened…

Posted by CJ Cregg on May 19, 2010

This season's last Walker Family dinner

It’s taken me awhile to get my feelings in line about last week’s season finale of Brothers and Sisters.  The strongest feeling I have after it is, ‘man, this show should just be over.’

Here’s what happened.

Sarah was moping around about Ojai going under, but she perked up when the drillers discovered an aquifer with lots of water at Narrow Lake.  So I guess now Ojai will sell bottled water.  Like Fiji.

Robert continued to dig himself into a hole with these congressmen.

Justin and Rebecca are having massive issues trying to figure out their future.  Justin wants to go to Haiti for a year to help out, while Rebecca accepted a new job at another produce company.

Saul, we learn, is HIV positive.  We figure this out when Scotty and Kevin convince him to get tested while prepping a test menu for Scotty’s new restaurant.

Driving home from the menu testing at the Ojai house, there’s a car accident.  Holly and Robert are badly injured, and all signs point to the fact that Robert is dead.


That’s that.

Feels like the show should just be over.  I have to say, the way the car accident was portrayed was well done.  But there’s very little (other than my extreme loyalty) to keep me watching the show.  I guess we still have to find out of Kitty wins her election, what’s going to happen to Ojai in the water business, which lame men Nora will date this season, and how annoying Justin and Rebecca will become.


That’s that.


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The Problems with Brothers and Sisters

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 23, 2010


I’m fed up with this show.  And this from me, who has championed Sally Field et al for their realistic and raw portrayals of family life.

However, if the season wasn’t almost over, and if I didn’t tend to feel incredibly loyal to all shows I watch, I’d probably stop watching.

Here’s my major diagnosis of the problem: the show moves too fast.  Plotlines appear and are dispensed with far too quickly.  There is rarely a plot or problem that lasts longer than 2 episodes.  For example:

  • Rebecca’s miscarriage.  She was sad for 2 episodes and now she’s fine?  I don’t think that’s how it works.
  • Aaron, the paralyzed teenager from Kevin’s past?  In the last episode, he forgave Nora for keeping this secret from him and seems to have moved on.

Another problem?  The show is inconsistent.  Kitty is supposed to be campaigning for Robert’s Senate seat and we haven’t seen her campaigning or so much as talking with her campaign manager in the last 4 or 5 episodes.  Too much going on.

Frankly, I’m not sure the writers and producers even have any idea of where this show is going.  Aimless, directionless shows do not appeal to me.  Moreover, Brothers and Sisters, I’ve claimed in the past, was the show that always knew what it was and focused on developing characters and plots.  They’ve done away with that recipe for success by moving at a break-neck speed and it isn’t working for me.  I’m ready for this show to be over.  How about you?

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Name That Show

Posted by Mr. Feeny on April 15, 2010

This television show focuses on the daily life of a large family.

There are three generations, focusing mainly on the middle generation.

One of the parents is played by a famous Emmy winner.

The main sister was the star of her own very popular hour-long show.

Each sibling has their own set of problems, but often work them out with the help of the others.

This is often done via extended conference telephone calls.

The show balances drama and comedy…and soap opera.

Soap opera elements like slow reveals, mystery, deception abound.

Real families don’t go through all these problems at once.

Now, without telling you a network or how long the show has been on the air, you might be thinking of a completely different show than another reader.

That’s because Parenthood is basically the same as Brothers & Sisters.

Go ahead. Read that description over again, but with the other show in mind. It fits, right?

So, why is Parenthood getting tons of critical acclaim while Brothers & Sisters is lagging? Why does Parenthood seem more real and and B&S more cheesy? Most importantly…why is Parenthood a novel concept when ABC’s been doing it for four years?

I ask these questions because I find myself liking Parenthood more than Brothers & Sisters, and I can’t figure out why. I can’t put my finger on it. There’s something about it that appeals more to me. Even though it’s the same show. (Although, admittedly, if they start breaking marriages up like on B&S, then I’m going to have a problem with it).

So, help me out. What separates these shows? Sound off below.

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