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“Legacy”: Greek (S4: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 7, 2011

Brother to Brother

Here goes, ABCFam.  How you gonna wrap up four years of one of my fave shows?

Some time seems to have passed.  Cappie and Rusty are discussing their finals.  Spidey is still bitter that his dad is saving the day by buying the KT house.

Torts Prof has hired Casey as his research assistant, and he’s bringing Evan on now to argue for the university who wants to raze a blighted fraternity house to build a new gym.  KT.  Of course.  Spidey’s dad is behind all of this.   Evan is clearly on board with Torts Prof, but Casey is having moral concerns because KT means so much to Cappie.  Casey breaks the news to Cappie, who is not happy that she’s staying on the research team.

Cappie is conflicted: study for his finals or save KT?  He concocts a plan for the gang to break into Spidey’s dad’s office to get his old KT stuff to remind him what brotherhood is about.  This is a bit crazy.  (I mean, I loved–love–my sorority, but I don’t keep my old paddle and pictures in my office.)

Rusty still likes Ashleigh.  And his present of a nametag for her new desk at the marketing firm is super sweet.

Cappie gets a letter saying he has enough credits to graduate.  But he still has that one pesky final.  And he has to fight for KT.  While he and Rusty talk about what KT has meant to them, the bros show up with some booze, and they get trashed one more time in the old house.

Bex and Dale are trying to figure out why all of their past relationships have failed by talking to their exes.  He finds out that Laura

Standing up for KT

has been into him the whole time.  They have a mad makeout session after pushing Bex (accidentally) into a cake.

When the KT brothers wake up the next day, there’s a huge rally outside their house, and Cappie delivers a rousing speech inviting other students to explain why they love the house.  (Katherine: How many of you also lost your virginity here?)  The student speeches are a parade of who has been on this show: slutty girl who Rusty did body shots off in episode one of the first season and that newspaper girl that Rusty used to date.  We should get Max up in here.  (Weird.)  Spidey’s dad explains to the crowd, once again, that once you leave college, your fraternity experiences don’t matter.  He puts Casey on the spot to explain to the crowd why building the new athletic facility is a good idea.  She refuses to speak.  Now it’s Evan’s turn.  He also picks his friends over his future.

Wow, ok.  And the bulldozers start.  I thought they’d be able to save the house.  But they can’t.  It crumbles while Rusty and Cappie cry.  (Of course, this is all kind of silly because they can still be a fraternity without a house.  Plenty of chapters on campuses across the country live in dorms.  It does suck that all those who live there are without housing now, but I suspect the university would be

Saying goodbye

obligated to provide some.)  Rusty feels like he could have done more to save the house.  Casey points out that, regardless of outcome, he’s changed.  He stands up for himself.  He’s not just a nerdy little engineer anymore.  Casey and Rusty’s heart to heart leads her to tell Ash that Rusty can handle himself, and she can date him if she wants.

Now it’s Rusty’s turn to deliver a speech.  He tells his depressed brothers sitting on the curb that KT isn’t a house, it’s a brotherhood.  He tells them to study for their finals, bring their house GPA up, and he’s gonna find a new house for them for next year.  (Ah yes, they realize the realization I realized two paragraphs ago.)

Bex asks Evan why they didn’t work out.  He says it’s cuz he screwed up.

After all of this, it’s Casey’s turn to be footloose like Cappie.  She realizes she doesn’t want to be a lawyer, so she’s gonna up and move to DC to fight for her beliefs.  (Yah, no evil corps there.)  Cappie is going to come with her.  (But wait, isn’t this the same problem they’ve always had?  Except now they BOTH lack direction?)

Ash and Rusty decide to start dating.  (I still can’t wrap my head around that.  Too weird.)

Cappie misses his final because of everything that happened.  He argues his way into getting to take the oral examination.  It’s for a philosophy class, and he has to answer the question ‘why are we here’?  He delivers a speech about college.  (While there’s a montage about his time at CRU.)  He says he has a lot more to learn out there in the real world.  Sweet, if a bit cliche.

We also learn Cappie’s real name after he gets his diploma.  It’s Captain John Paul Jones.  Weird.  While the gang celebrates at Dobler’s, Cappie passes the KT presidency onto Rusty.  (Wait, doesn’t there have to be an election or something?)

We also find out that ZBZ wins the Golden Lily award from last week.

The “Forever Young” goodbye scene at the end is a little cliche as Cappie and Casey pack up the little red car to leave.  As Casey and Cappie drive off, Bex and Evan exchange a lingering glance.

Final thoughts?  I guess the ending was a little cliche.  I’m happy that they tried to avoid wrapping everything up too neatly, although there was a bit of a feeling of being rushed to the end.  (Calvin and Grant going to India?  What?)   I’m satisfied, though.  I’ve enjoyed the past four years with Greek, and I appreciate the writers highlighting the important legacies of Greek life even after we sisters and brothers graduate.  And as a Greek, I can tell you that those feelings of fraternity are real.  Yes, so are the parties.  But forging brotherhood and sisterhood out of a diverse group of pledges is no small feat.

I’ll miss this show.


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“Agents of Change”: Greek (S4: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 28, 2011

Miss her?

ZBZ is abuzz.  Nationals has nominated them as finalists for the Golden Lily, an award for best chapter in the nation.  Now, it’s all hands on deck for the nationals visit this weekend.  Bex is viewing it as a referendum on her presidency.  Casey hears echoes of Franny in her self determination.  For the fundraiser they’re planning to impress nationals, Bex wants to throw a concert.  She reaches out to an alum in LA to get some help with her plan—FRANNY’S BACK!

Franny offers to get the Biebz for their concert.  (As Bex claims, a Bieber in the hand is worth two Lacheys in the bush.)

KT is still trying to figure out who is out to get them.  And when an ‘accident’ damages their house, they have to figure out how to get money to fix it.  They hear that Chambers International (shudder) is interested in buying Rusty’s self-healing wire.  When Rusty goes looking for information, Evan is a total jerk.  When an inspector comes by to look at the KT house, they condemn it.  Spidey’s dad steps in to stop it, and everyone is excited except for Spidey.

Calvin is so pissed off with the Omega Chi’s prank on Dale, and he thinks about quitting.  Calvin’s talk about confronting problems head on inspires Evan to visit his parents with Rusty in tow.  His parents quickly realize that Evan isn’t there to catch up, but instead wants to talk business.  Speaking of mad awk, it must suck to be Rusty, totally caught in the middle.  Evan and his parents do seem to make a little bit of progress, though.  And he finally gets an “I’m proud of you son” from dear old Dad.  It all ends up working out due to Evan’s law school negotiation skills, and Rusty gets a job working on his wire with Chambers International once he graduates.

Meanwhile, Calvin wants to take back Omega Chi from the jerkfaces.  The pledges seem to have Calvin’s back.  They miss Dale and are fed up with Tripp’s evil presidency.

When Ash, Casey, and Franny go out for drinks, it is mad awk.  Franny insists that she’s changed and that she misses Casey.  But, then the Biebz cancels.  And four ZBZ presidents start screaming at each other.  Nothing’s changed.  And then the nationals inspectors come.  And then it hits everyone.  Pledge Spidey looks a lot like Justin Bieber.  (I’ve been thinking that all season.)

During the concert, Ash and Casey reflect on their relationship with ZBZ.  Ash isn’t bothered by this new Franny betrayal because she’s moved on from the house and is over it.  Casey is still too close to ZBZ to be over the I Kapp debacle.  Casey replies that ZBZ was formative for her in college and that she wants to give back.  Ash asks her how much she’s planning to give.  Touche, Ash, touche.

The nationals inspectors are totally convinced by the Biebz look alike.  When they get home, Franny makes a similar argument as Ash, to which Casey replies, “I guess you can’t be nostalgic for something you never left.” Franny’s point is that everything that seems so important to sorority members: dates, formals, and contests, seem trivial once you move on.  But it’s not trivial, really.  The memories are significant.  Casey seems to be getting ready to leave ZBZ, despite how much it meant to her.

This is the first time I’m starting to feel like they’re wrapping up this show.  This episode is full of reflections on what sororities and fraternities mean to those who belong, those who don’t, and those who move on.  And I really like their observations.  They resonate with my experiences as a sorority member.  Omega Chi moving back toward being a real brotherhood, Bex and Casey share a moment where they talk seriously about what it means to be a leader, and friendship and sisterhood seem to blossoming at CRU.

But I still think they have a lot to do next week to wrap all of this up.  And I’m sad to see this show go.

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“Subclass Plagiostomi”: Greek (S4: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 21, 2011

Natalie is back to cause chaos.

Evan is piiiiissed at Casey that she recommended that Bex break up with him.  Meanwhile, Bex is burning all the letters he wrote her.  And *wince* sending the diamond necklace he bought her down the garbage disposal.  Meanwhile meanwhile, Casey is getting ready to kick Evan’s butt at mock trial.

KT’s on academic probation.  The bros are convinced that it’s Omega Chi out to destroy them.  And their fingers are pointing to Dale.  Who is now apparently dating that super annoying Panhell girl, Natalie.

Ashleigh runs into a former prof looking to hire for her new marketing firm at a job fair.  Simon Torts Prof asks her to come to a donor dinner and gives her his credit card to buy something to wear.  Creepy.

Bex is waging war on Gamma Psi after learning that Omega Chi will host its formal with Gamma Psi instead of ZBZ. But she also finds out that Omega Chi isn’t planning to initiate Dale and instead wants to humiliate him.

Casey and Evan are really out for blood at the mock trial competition.  Casey and Katherine win, though.  The STP (Simon Torts Prof) offers Casey a research position.  Evan’s convinced that STP and Ash dating is why Casey won.  When Ash asks STP to meet him later at the donor dinner, he says he wants her there when it starts, and she begins to see the strings attached to the credit card.  They break up.

The pledge talent show gets sluttier every year.  But here’s the rub.  Omega Chi DOES try to humiliate Dale when the pledge brothers walk off the stage and leave Dale dancing by himself, erm, in his underwear.  Casey and Calvin join him onstage to help him out. Dale’s really depressed and claims that brotherhood is a sham.

But Ash, Dale, and Rusty watch the Bachelor at the end, so it’s ok.

Next week?  Biebz (except not) AND FRANNY COMES BACK!!1!!1  ZOMG!

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“Midnight Clear”: Greek (S4: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 14, 2011

She works hard for the money

Calvin’s turning 21!  And Casey and Ash still haven’t spoken–and are both channeling their freak outs about it through facebook stalking.  And it’s totes awkward between Rusty and Ash after their homecoming make out, which only Ashleigh knows about.


Meanwhile, a snowstorm is sweeping Cyprus.  Way to be up with current events, ABCFam.

A few weeks have passed, and Ash now has a minimum-wage job at Dobler’s.

Casey is freaking out about the ‘law school curse.’  Apparently law school ruins relationships.  So does grad school, my friends, so does grad school.

Rusty finds out that he made out with Ashleigh.  He seems to think that she’s really into him.  But then Simon aka Torts Prof shows up as Ashleigh’s date to the party.  Awwww.  Kward.  This does not make Ash and Casey’s reconciliation any easier.

Calvin’s party sucks because there’s no beer, but since Ash works at Dobler’s, they all trudge over there in the snow.  All Calvin wants for his birthday is for everyone to stop fighting, and with the idyllic snow, it seems like he might get it.  But it’s Greek, so he really won’t.

Checking Calvin's ID at Dobler's

Once they get to Dobler’s, Bex proposes a game of kiss and tell.  You have to tell the truth or kiss someone I guess.  Sounds fun.  Except not really.  (“Nope, still gay,” says Calvin after kissing Bex.)  When Ash and Rusty have to kiss, there’s a special moment.  Bex gets to ask Evan about their relationship.  He feels pressured by her neediness, but she’s responding to feeling him slipping away.

The game has convinced Ashleigh and Casey to reconcile.  However, they both assert that the second Sex and the City Movie was good, so I don’t think we should believe that this will last.  Ah yes, I’m right.  When Ash tells Casey that she kissed Rusty, things are right back on shaky ground.  Ash calls it off with Rusty.  Bex finally realizes that she deserves better than treating like crap by Evan.

When the bar owner comes in the next morning to see Ash et al. fast asleep, she loses her job.  Bummer.

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“Fumble”: Greek (S4: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 7, 2011

Aftermath of the KT party--lots of red solo cups

So, now it’s actually homecoming.  And Casey and Cappie wake up together at ZBZ.  And Casey has a hangover.  And Ash didn’t come home because she was sleeping with Torts Prof.  Casey panics, throws him out, and assures Cappie that they aren’t getting back together.

Rusty is also having a tough morning.  He’s trying to piece together exactly what happened.  He knows he hooked up with a hot girl, and he and Calvin go on a hunt to find out who it was.  Everyone they run into keeps telling Rusty he’s a legend for stealing the goat.  When they finally put it all together, it turns out Rusty’s famous science-y wire was used to pierce his nipple.  Ohhh, and we finally found out that the mysterious girl that he made out with was Ashleigh.  Which is way too weird for me.  But only Ash remembers.  Rusty doesn’t.  Which is good.  Cuz that’s weird and creepy.

Casey finds out that Beaver and Katherine are “lovers.”  Casey also finds out that Beaver’s name is Walter.  She also gets into a really awwwwkward discussion about birth control with Katherine.  This gets Casey thinking.  She can’t remember if she and Cappie used birth control during their drunken hookup.  Thank goodness for the morning after pill.

Bex is still having some Evan woes.  She’s upset that she actually cares about the fact that their relationship is falling apart.  She’s in love.  Torts Prof wants to take Ash to dinner.

Cappie tries to woo Casey by showing her that it’s not always bad to be a kid.  He sets up a backyard carnival for her.  Aaaaaaand, they kiss.

I have to say.  I’m really digging their portrayal of the issues that Ashleigh is going through as a college grad who can’t find a job.  Her feelings of hopelessness, confusion, and desperation must reflect what a lot of students are going through.  It’s nice that they’ve lingered on this instead of just quickly passed it by.

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“Home Coming and Going”: Greek (S4: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 31, 2011

Why study? It's homecoming!

Once more, it is homecoming at CRU.  Time for the KTs to start scheming how to top Vesuvius.  Their answer?  Everest.

There are big bro woes at KT too.  Spidey, the new pledge, wants Cappie to be his big bro, but Rusty wants another chance at having a little bro.  (May Andy-licious, aka Jesse McCartney rest in peace.)  When Cappie tells this to Rusty, Rusty plots to win him back.  To do so, Rusty plans to steal the opposing school’s mascot.  Apparently, the epic CRU’s rival is an agriculture school called A&M that appears to be housed in a shack.  Dale and his pledge brothers have the same plan, though.  Rusty and Spidey ultimately succeed, and Spidey picks Rusty for his big bro.

Ash has been back at CRU for 5 weeks, and she’s starting to give Casey a headache.  But how do you evict your bff?  To help Ash get a job (and subsequently her own apartment), Casey brings her to a networking event.  They just end up fighting over the future.  Ash is having a tough time, but Casey thinks she isn’t trying to find a job.

After Casey leaves the networking event, Ash runs into Casey’s creepy (I think he’s creepy, I think he’s supposed to be cute and hip or something) torts prof, and they hit it off.

Calvin starts to wonder, at Evan and Bex’s behest, if he isn’t too smart for Heath.  Heath lets it slip that he’s a stripper.  When they confront each other, it turns out they don’t want to break up.  They tell each other ‘I love you.’  It’s very sweet.

The Everest ice luge party is a huge success.  Bex gets Casey drunk so the ZBZs can go to the KT party, which isn’t campus sponsored.  Casey drunkenly makes her way to the party, though.  She gets a nice walk home from Cappie, who is going to do the honorable thing and leave her to go to bed when she POUNCES on him.  And it’s quite the pounce.  Like for real.

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“All About Beav”: Greek (S4: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 24, 2011

Beaver's on the trail

ZBZ has a new batch of pledges that are being presented to the Greek community. Whatever that means.  Evan is too busy to be Rebecca’s date, so she asks Cappie just to piss Evan off.  Poor little Bex just wants attention from her law school beau.  When both Evan and Cappie show up at the event, punches are thrown.  Something’s still amiss with Rebecca and Evan even after they make up at the end.

Beaver and Katherine have a moment in the ZBZ hallway.  She transfered from Yale Law to do a JD/MBA at CRU.  Right.  Because that’s a good life choice.  Also, how can Katherine go from Rusty to the Beav?  Casey and Beav are both after Katherine.  He wants…welll, we know what he wants.  Casey wants to get into a study group with her for law school.

In her desperation, Casey offers to trade a paper she wrote to Beaver for case summaries.  They go on a wild goose chase to cheat.  On the chase, Casey finds out Beaver is afraid of failure, which is why he quit the football team.  Also on the chase, they find out Heath is a male stripper at a night club.  We viewers find out that Beaver is smarter than most realize.  He’s pretty good at reading people.

Dana and Rusty are trying to get more research money from the university.   Ashleigh becomes a marketing consultant to help Rusty spice up his pitch to the funders.  Dana and Rusty have a spat though because Dana asked to be listed as a co-inventor of the wire that Rusty invented.  It ends up not mattering because they both get pulled off the project in lieu of real researchers.  He and Dana break up as a result.  I was only just starting to like her.

Fun fact: Beaver’s real name is Walter Budreau (sp?)

At the end of the episode, Katherine and Beaver hook up.  Which is cute.

Nonetheless, this episode was boring and stupid.  The ins and outs of law school study groups and sciencey wires aren’t that interesting.

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“Crossed Examined Life”: Greek (S4: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 17, 2011

Rocking the pledge pin

Fall Semester is about to start at CRU.

Dale drops a bomb on his roomie: he’s pledging Omega Chi.  (O-Mega-Gee!)  Rusty does not like this news.  He does not like it one bit.  He tries to get Dale to rush KT because he’s convinced Omega Chi is playing him.  Dana thinks if she and Rusty find Dale a girlfriend, he’ll cut it out with the pledge stuff.  In Rusty’s meddling defense, Dale is kinda being insufferable and pretentious.

Through all this, KT’s only pledge is getting ignored because of Rusty’s obsession with Dale.  Things change when this new pledge “Spidey” tells Dale he’s an honors engineering major seeking socialization.

Ashleigh drops into the ZBZ house.  She also drops the news that she got fired.  From her dream job.  (Laura: Great, another one’s back.)

Casey heads to her first day of law school.  And promptly shows up Evan who didn’t do the reading.  But everyone thinks she slept her way in.  She does not like this.  She does not like this one bit.  This episode is very Legally Blonde.  Casey wants to join Evan’s study group, but they won’t let her in because she allegedly slept her way into law school.

Calvin and Cappie get high to work on a philosophy project for a class they’re both in.  Turns out, Calvin is floundering because

Making the Grade

he doesn’t have a major and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

In Casey’s rage about law school, she and Ash decide to bail out of CRU and do what they want.  In their excitement, Ash tells Casey that she left her job and didn’t get fired because she was upset she didn’t get a promotion.  When Ash’s boss calls and really does fire her, they realize that being adults doesn’t mean getting to leave whenever they want.

There’s a new transfer student at CRU Law–KATHERINE!

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“Fools Rush In”: Greek (S4: E2)

Posted by CJ Cregg on January 10, 2011

House Mom...or just a really bad visor?

Greek is back on ABCFam for its final season.  Which is good, because it always gets a little dicey when you take a show about college well past the college years.

I watched the first episode from China, so I apologize for not posting a recap.  To make a 45-minute story short, Casey takes things into her own hands and argues her way into CRU Law and decides to stay.  (Bad decision, Case.)  But she’s not too keen on giving Cappie another chance even though he swears he’ll change and get his life together.

Here goes episode two.

Dale is on the quest to find his future wife at CRU. To be more social and meet more women, he decides to rush.

Casey has moved into Rusty and Dale’s apartment while looking for another place on campus.  Dana and Rusty are still together.

Kappa Tau is down in numbers.  They need to pull off a good recruitment with activities and stuff, so Rusty and Cappie try to figure out how.  They missed the signup deadline for a booth at the Greek fair, so they set up a renegade one.  (I love the Greek fair.)  When the cops crash their annual recruitment party, they get in trouble and can’t take in any new pledges.  Uh oh.

Calvin is the president of Omega Chi now, and he’s attempting to stop the KT-Omega Chi feud. Evan is pissed at Calvin, and I’m not sure why.  Turns out, the brothers are turning on Calvin after rush.

Evan and Casey are now in law school together, and Evan tells Casey he needs to let ZBZ go, even though she desperately wants

Rusty tries to put together a rush strategy

to go visit and pump them up for recruitment.

The horrible national consultant (Charisma Carpenter) is back and trying to whip ZBZ into shape.  She yells at Bex for not having a house mother, so Casey winds up with the job.  Hey, it’s better than Rusty’s apartment.  Bex accuses Casey of having a “rush rush.”

It’s true.  Sororities are like drugs.

To get the national consultant off their backs during Rush, Casey calls in Dana to act as a fake rushee and distract her.  But she figures it out, and threatens to boot out Rebecca as president.

But the national consultant isn’t all bad because she helps Casey realize how to grow up and still be a part of ZBZ in the right way.  And not the creepy older girl trying to relive her glory days way.  Casey decides to accept the job as house mother full time.  Hmmm, not sure this is a good idea.  But I’m liking the team of Bex and Casey.

Dale gets a bid to Omega Chi because he understands what brotherhood is about.  (!!!)

Next week?  Ashleigh visits from New York!

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“All Children… Grow Up”: Greek (S3: E20)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 29, 2010

Casey mulls over law school

Casey is waiting for her law school acceptances as Spring Break approaches.  She’s been rejected from lots of places, but finds out she got into George Washington in DC!  She’s super excited, but Cappie isn’t.

Calvin has been nominated for Omega Chi president.  Campaign season starts after Spring Break.  He’s running against the annoying red haired kid.

ZBZ Nationals is requiring a live-in house mom next year.  Job for Ashleigh?  Or for Casey when she starts thinking about how hard law school is gonna be?

Casey gets a letter from CRU Law just as the bus leaves for Spring Break.  It’s a small envelope, so the mail lady tells her she probably didn’t get in.  She opens the letter, but we don’t know whether or not she got in.  (The size of the letter isn’t a science.  Most of my grad school letters were small.  There may be hope for Casey.)

When the Omega Chis check into the beach house they ‘won’ from KT, a muscle bound mafia man threatens them with a gun.  They immediately know that the KTs were behind it, but have to find another place to stay.

While at the bar, fashion consultants approach Ash to take pictures of her clothes.  She thinks they want to put her in porn, so she storms off, but Bex recognized the fashion consultants and tells her that being a trend forecaster is a real job.  Now Ash is on the hunt to find the fairy jobmother and beg for a job.

Casey starts talking about deferring law school for a year, saying that she loves her life at ZBZ and with Cappie, so she’ll

To get back together with Bex or not?

apply for the job as the housemother.

Bex can’t ‘vacate,’ saying she misses Evan too much.  She runs into him, and in a cute, nervous display says she misses him and wants a second chance.  Evan says he can’t forget what she did, and doesn’t want to try again.  Calvin tries to convince him otherwise.

Rusty gets caught paying off the mafia lookalike by the Omega Chis.  But when the Omega Chis come to take the beach house back, cops crash the party.  The Omega Chis are in trouble with Nationals so they could lose their charter and their house back in CRU.  Calvin talks the cops out of writing them a ticket, making a strong case for his presidential nomination.  This was, of course, all staged by Rusty and KT.

Ash runs into the fashion consultant again and gives her a very sweet speech about fashion and trendsetting.  The fairy jobmother gives her an internship in New York.  When she tells Casey, Casey asks her if she’s scared, and Ash says Casey inspired her to go after what she wanted.  Turns out, Casey did get into CRU Law.

In the midst of his drunken stupor, Dale admits to being really lonely and wanting a girl.

In the midst of freaking out about law school, Casey seeks advice from Rusty, who tells her that everyone grows up.

Evan delivers a quasi-heartfelt (if poorly delivered) speech about blaming his parents and pride to Bex as a sign he’s changed his mind about being with her.  She reminds him she’s ‘a mess.’  They decide to be messes together (or something) and kiss happily as the music swells.

During a walk on the beach, Cappie lavalieres Casey.  Casey tells Cappie that if she stayed in Cypress, she’d be staying because she was scared to move on and she wants them to move forward together.  Cappie says he’s not moving to Washington, and that there’s no reason for them to stay together if they’re just going to break up at the end of the year.

Shot of Casey crying as the credits begin.  Guess we’re going to have to wait another season to see the end of this melodramatic school year.

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