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“False Positive”: How I Met Your Mother (S6: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 13, 2010

Plot Summary: Lily takes a pregnancy test that is a false positive.  Robin reassesses her career choices thinking she’s going to be an aunt.  Barney contemplates how to spend his GNB New Years’ bonus in charitable ways.

What we Learn about the Mother: This category is a false positive.

Best Moment:

When talking to Robin about her potential job offer at Worldwide News versus a game show hosting gig, Ted asks: Have you forgotten your New Years’ resolution?  (Flashback to Robin from January 1, 2010, on the couch and clutching a trashcan.  She groans: I’m never drinking again.)  Ted says: No, before that.  (Another flashback of Robin at the bar waving a bottle of whiskey.  She says: I’m gonna drink this whole bottle.)  Ted: No, before that.  (Another flashback.  Robin tells Ted: By this time next year, I’m going to work at Worldwide News.)

Top 3 Quotes

1) Lily announces to the gang: I’m pregnant.  Barney shrieks: I’ve never seen that woman before in my life.  He runs out of the room, returns a second later, and says: Sorry, force of habit.

2) Barney describes the diamond suit he wants to buy with his GNB holiday bonus.  He claims: It’s the uppest a person could ever suit.

3) Marshall and Lily are off the rails about their ‘pregnancy.’  Marshall says calmly: Don’t freak out.  We have nine months to prepare.  Lily replies: So let’s make a list of everything we have to do before the baby comes, and DO IT ALL TONIGHT!


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“Blitzgiving”: How I Met Your Mother (S6: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 22, 2010

Who's the Blitz?

Plot Summary: Ted peaces out from MacLaren’s early to be cursed with the Blitz, which is to say, he became the guy that leaves the party early only to have something completely awesome happen the second he’s gone.  The curse of the blitz has now been passed on from Steve (played by Jorge Garcia–HURLEY! from Lost) to Ted. The gang ran into Zoey and had an awesome night with her after Ted left.   But because the shenanigans of the previous night broke Ted’s oven, they all head over to Zoey’s house.  She and Ted actually make up.

What we Learn about the Mother: Nope.

Best Moment: Zoey gets the gang minus Ted to play Truth or Dare in MacLaren’s.  She dares Marshall to send a picture of his junk to a complete stranger.  He takes the picture, and then asks everyone to call out random numbers.  The former Blitz (aka Steve/Jorge/Hurley) is now uncursed and can be there for the fun stuff.  He rushes into the bar and calls out ‘random’ numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.  (SO META!) Marshall sends the pic to 481-516-2342.

Top 3 Quotes:

1) Ted is hosting his very first Thanksgiving, where he plans to make a tur-tur-key-key, which is when you stuff a turkey with another turkey.

2) When Ted has to cancel his Thanksgiving for lack of oven, the gang tells him they could go to Zoey’s.  When he refuses, Robin replies: You violated a dead turkey. With another dead turkey.  Don’t let that be in vain.

3) While they’re at Zoey’s house, Marshall gets a reply from the guy he sent the picture of his junk to the night before.  The guy sends a picture of his own junk.  Lily replies: Wang guy sent you a picture of his wang?  It’s a boomawang!  They then ask Wang Guy if (regarding Zoey and Ted) enemies can ever become friends.  He replies yes and says you have to be the change you want to see in the world.  Steve/Hurley replies: Dude, did Wang Guy just quote Gandhi?


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“Natural History”: How I Met Your Mother (S6: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 8, 2010

Perfect acoustics, you say?

This was a hilarious episode.  Even though I hate Zoey and think she needs to be out of the season.

Plot Summary: The gang heads to a blacktie fundraiser at the Natural History Museum courtesy of GNB.  They see Zoey there.  Turns out, she’s married to the Captain, who threw the entire fundraiser.  She vows to continue trying to take Ted down while they share a dance.  Lily and Marshall struggle over Marshall’s continuing employment at GNB.  She thinks he’s sold out and wants him to quit GNB and save the world.  Barney and Robin get caught by museum guards for touching everything.  Barney learns who his father is from an incident in the museum files.

What we Learn about the Mother: Well, something is clearly [re]developing between Ted and Zoey.  But she’s married.  And not the roommate of Cindy/Rachel Bilson, so it ain’t her.

Best Moment:  Lily and Marshall have an intense and very serious discussion about growing up while Ted whispers obscenities from across the room, made possible by the excellent acoustics of the room.  Their conversation is broken up by (well-timed) “boogers” and “wieners and gonads.”

Top 3 Quotes:

1) The gang reminisce about how they’ve changed while they’re all dressed to the nines in the cab on the way to the fundraiser.  Marshall notes that he now wears a suit to work everyday.  Lily replies: Yeah, but you wear it ironically, like Ted’s fanny pack.  Ted says: Next time we go to Great Adventure, you’re carrying your own sunblock.

2) The Captain tells Barney to enjoy the party, but don’t touch anything.  Barney replies: Challenge accepted!  Barney and Robin then feel up an Egyptian guy.  Not a real one, but one of those statue-y things they have in museums.  They got bored of this soon, though, and Robin asks: Wanna go touch a bunch of stuff?  Cue montage of Robin and Barney feel up all the animals.  They drum on a turtle shell and use the lion’s mouth as a bottle opener for beers.  They end up completely dressed up as an Egyptian and a neanderthal.

3) While being questioned by the museum guards, Barney asks the guard about the story of the kid that knocked down that huge blue whale in the atrium to prove to Robin it was actually true.  The guard replies: Yah, that story is legen…wait a second, [his pager rings and he checks it] dairy.

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“Canning Randy”: How I Met Your Mother (S6: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 1, 2010

Contemplating the wonders of the walk of shame

Plot Summary: It’s Halloween in NYC!  Robin is caught making the walk of shame, and she won’t confess who she slept with (with whom she slept?).  Turns out, she wasn’t sleeping with anyone, but was instead making a commercial for adult diapers.  Marshall refuses to fire his incompetent secretary, who, as it turns out, wants to get fired.  Zoey, the crazy activist from last week, joins Teds class.  She convinces Ted’s students that tearing down the historic building is wrong.

What we Learn about the Mother: Nope.

Best Moment: Ted tells his kids about the Halloween parade he, Marshall, and Barney love.  But it’s not the real Halloween parade.  Instead, it happens on November 1st as girls make the walk of shame home in their costumes.  Their commentary on the parade is great.  Barney says, as a girl in a bee costume walks by: that bee was getting busy.  Ted says: that french maid didn’t turn down somebody’s bed.  Marshall says: Pocahantas has a couple of wounded knees.  Ted and Barney exchange horrified glances and say he’s gone too far.  They then remark that things don’t get better than this.  Until they see Robin making the walk of shame in a nurse costume.  Robin: Ah, crap.

Top 3 Quotes

1) Marshall asks his assistant Randy why the downtown office didn’t get a copy of important contracts.  Randy assures him he sent them downtown.  Then Randy says: wait. Is send them downtown not an expression for shredding them?  Marshall screams: That is not an expression!  That has never been an expression!

2) While debating whether or not to fire Randy, Marshall has a nightmare.  In the dream, after firing him, Marshall asks: where are you headed now? Randy replies: downtown.  And he jumps into the shredder.

3) Randy dreams of starting his own brewery, and making beer with his last name on it: Wharmpess.  (Yup, sounds like warm piss.)

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“Baby Talk”: How I Met Your Mother (S6: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 26, 2010

Perky Becky

This episode was pretty lame.  There was no overarching hilarity, and I struggled to pick this week’s best moment.

Plot Summary: Marshall and Lily fight over whether they want their baby to be a boy or a girl.  Ted goes out with Becky, Robin’s perky co-anchor because he likes to feel needed.  Barney tries to pick up girls while talking like an 8-year-old boy.

What we Learn about the Mother: Nothing.

Best Moment: Marshall realizes that he has no idea what it would be like to raise a girl.  In his worst nightmare, his daughter ends up a stripper dating a guy who looks like Barney.  At the strip club, they announce, “Now dancing, MARSHALL’S DAUGHTER!” And she struts on stage while Marshall looks on, horrified.

Top 3 Quotes:

1) As Marshall and Lily talk about baby names at MacLaren’s, Ted tells Marshall: You can’t name a chubby white kid Lebron.  He’ll end up stuffed in the basketball hoop.  Marshall looks down and crosses a name off of his list.

2) Marshall video chats with his parents to get advice on conception.  Marshall’s dad asks his mom to get him a brewski.  She turns to Marshall: You want anything hun?  Marshall sighs and replies: I’m in the computer, Mom.

3) Marshall and Lily decide that they don’t care what sex their baby ends up being.  Marshall says: Let’s just hope for a healthy, happy, 12 pound baby.  Lily shoots him a look.  Marshall replies: 10?  Lily makes a thumbs down.  Marshall: 8?  Lily replies: Ok, but you’re writing checks my vagina can’t cash.

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“Architect of Destruction”: HIMYM (S6:E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 19, 2010

Ted tries to appease Zoe with new plans for the GNB building

Plot Summary: Ted tries to leave the GNB building project when a girl convinces him that they need to save the building which GNB is knocking down.  Robin is seeing Max, one of Marshall’s lawyer friends.  Marshall gets nervous when he finds out girlfriends share a lot about sex.

What we Learn about the Mother: Nada.

Best moment: Barney is trying to convince Ted that newer is always better and he should let the landmark building be knocked down.  Ted presses him on this by asking Barney if the newest three Star Wars movies were the best.  Barney responds: Yes.  The first three didn’t even mention the intricacies of intergalactic trade policy.  Ted then says he’ll buy Barney a drink and asks the waitress what their oldest scotch is.  She replies with a prestigious brand and says it’s been aged for 30 years.  When he asks what their newest scotch is, she tells him it’s Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch and adds not to let it touch his skin.  Barney winces as he orders a glass.

Top 3 Quotes:

1) Barney is really excited to be working with Ted.  He says, “It’s legen…  I’ll send you an inter-office memo with the rest because we freaking work together!”  In the middle of his next meeting, Ted receives an urgent fax that says “dary.”

2) Ted tells the gang about the new girl, Zoe, who is convincing him to not build the new building.  Barney tells him he has no chance with her once she learns he’s the architect of destruction.  Marshall breaks in: Whoah, sweet wrestling name.

3) Once Ted learns Zoe is married, he decides he doesn’t care about the landmark building.  He wonders if he’ll ever see her again, though.  She turns up throwing eggs at his window with a sign that says “Say no-sby to Mosby.”  Heehee.

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Marshall Vs. The Machines

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 18, 2010

Gather round ye children…

…to watch the video from HIMYM of Marshall’s theme song that I mentioned in my last post.

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“Subway Wars”: HIMYM (S6: E4)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 12, 2010

Racing to see Woody Allen

Wow.  This episode rocked.  My faith in this show is returning.  Also, this episode brought to you by the search engine Bing.  Talk about annoying product placement.

Plot Summary: The gang teases Robin about not being a real New Yorker.  They have a race via all of NYC’s transportation to see who can get to a restaurant first to see Woody Allen, the ultimate New Yorker.  Marshall and Lily are struggling to get pregnant.

What we Learn about Mom: Nothing.  But it’s ok.

Best Moment: Whenever one of the gang winds up in trouble on their transportation method of choice, they grab their cell phones and say “I need help!”  And up rolls Ranjit with a car.  RANJIT!!!!  YAY!  Every time the gang gives him directions, he repeats them back.  When Barney says, “Step on it.”  He repeats, “Stepping on it.”

Top 3 Quotes:

1) Barney tells the gang at MacLaren’s, “I can’t stop looking at that girl’s face.”  Ted replies, “Face?  That’s the weirdest nickname for boobs yet.”

2) Robin asserts she is a true New Yorker by saying, “It’s not like I just got off a boat.”  Lily cracks up.  “Hah, boat.  Oh wait.  That is how you say it.”  (Cuz Canadians say stuff funny…)

3) Marshall‘s preferred method of transportation through New York City is his own feet.  He attempts to run the 7 miles to the restaurant while a theme song “Marshall vs. the Machines” plays in the background.  As he races past a granny on a scooter, he shouts, “Suck it, Gran-bot!”

4) Bonus: Maury Povich wanders throughout the episode stealing Robin’s cab, sitting next to her on the subway, and then gets confused for Woody Allen when they finally get to the restaurant.

Oh, and Barney is nice and lets Robin win the subway wars by tackling Ted by the finish line.

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“Unfinished”: HIMYM (S6: E3)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 5, 2010

Marshall and Barney try to convince Ted to take the job

I enjoyed this episode much more than I have the last several.

Plot Summary: Robin struggles to get over Don by deleting his name from her cell phone.  Ted debates whether to take the job of head architect for the Goliath National Bank building.

What we Learn about the Mother: Nothing.  But since this was a good episode tied back to earlier themes, I didn’t mind.

Best Moment: Robin challenges her friends who claim she needs to delete Don’s number to delete numbers from their phones, too.  She tries to get Marshall to delete the number of a booking agent for his lawyer band, which played once, four years ago.  We get a shot of said lawyer band, guys in suits with funny hats.  The name of the band was “The Funk, the Whole Funk, and Nothing but the Funk.”  As they rock out, they ask, “How do you plead?”  “FUNKY!!!”

Top 3 Quotes:

1) When Barney tells Ted that the new building for GNB is back on, he recalls their fond, yet brief times as “co-workers, no, broworkers.”

2) Lily can tell whenever Robin is secretly calling Don saying she misses him.  Every time Robin enters the bar, she asks, “Where’s the poop, Robin?”

3) Barney tries to woo Ted to take the job designing the GNB building by using the same tactics he uses to get women to sleep with him.  In one sequence, we see him bragging about himself in the form of a complaint.  (“The courtside Knicks tickets that all GNB employees get are too close to the action.  I get sweat on my suit!  It sucks!”)  He also gives Ted intense eye contact and touches him a lot.

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Autotune the Barnacle

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 30, 2010

This is the video I mentioned with Barney singing trying to fit in with his new family:

And here is the improved autotuned version:

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