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“Nikita” Premiere Review

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 9, 2010

Bring on the awesomely bad.  Except that I think this is just going to be bad.  Not awesome.  But we’ll see.

Swimsuit and booze? Must be a rogue secret agent.

And here we go with the voiceover.  “I was forced to be a covert assassin, escaped, and am being hunted.  Blah blah blah.”  So that’s our premise.  Nothing we haven’t heard before.  Neatly explained in the first 10 seconds. So apparently Nikita (Maggie Q) fell in love with a civilian.  But she wasn’t supposed to be attached to anyone, so it was kind of her bad.  (whoops)  Now she’s on the run and trying to take this covert agency, Division, down.  Agent Michael (Shane West) is assigned to hunt Nikita down and kill her.  But hey!  Turns out he and Nikita engaged in some questionable behavior (read: sex).  Throughout the episode, Nikita undertakes missions to ensure that Division fails.  Nikita’s story is spliced with shots of another young agent, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), being inducted to the Division and beginning her training as an assassin.  She also has the makings of a rogue agent considering she IMs with Nikita at the end of the episode.  (It isn’t clear to me how or why this happens.)

Maggie Q is exotic and stunning as Nikita.  And there are plenty of gratuitous (in my opinion…the few men watching this show probably disagree) shots of her in skimpy, skimpy, skimpy clothing.  And frankly, the lingering shots of her face and poignant stares are beautiful.  But she’s the only good part of the show.  (And come on, how many people check their email in black silk lingerie?  Gratuitous.)  And I have to admit that I am impressed by her ability to make black leggings look sexy as well as her ability to sprint in stilettos.  But her sultry whispers to her former lover is the kind of thing bad chick flicks are made of.  “Promise me I’ll never wake up from this dream, blah blah blah.  Smooch smooch smooch.”

I don't think anyone's butt looks that good sitting in a chair

Which brings me to my next point.  The dialogue is horrendous.  It’s predictable and boring.  Delivered in monotone.  It’s bad.  For example, the scene where Nikita explains what happened to her to her foster father is forced.  We get it.  She was a troubled youth.

Other critics are celebrating this show for its feminist angle.  Nikita as a strong, fierce, ferocious woman.  But I just don’t see it.  Beautiful and independent for sure.  But vengeful does not a feminist make.  Even when she’s seeking revenge against men.  And can blow up bombs with lipstick canisters.  And especially when her moral convictions explicitly take a backseat to her desire for revenge.  She’s angry.  But not a feminist.

Either way, I think it’s a testament to the script and the acting that I care exactly not at all about what happens to these characters.  We don’t get enough of Nikita other than her 10 second blurb about her past (which is repeated several times throughout the pilot) to really understand her or even sympathize with her, and the other characters may as well not be here.  Despite all of the shoot-em-up action, I won’t be watching next week because they have not hooked me at all.

Grade: C-


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New on Thursdays this Fall

Posted by Mr. Feeny on September 6, 2010

Thursdays are typically one of my favorite days of television. Mondays and Thursdays, I’d say. It was better, though, with Survivor. Now that that’s moved to Wednesday, and The Office is so unfunny, Thursday is starting to fall apart for me. But, that’s where some schedule changes could pay off. Perhaps the move of Survivor will get me to finally watch The Big Bang Theory (which by moving from Mondays, tries to anchor a new comedy block for CBS to compete with NBC). Or maybe I’ll try Community, which some reviewers say got much, much better as the season progressed. The only must-watch shows, though, are 30 Rock (new time), Fringe, and Parks & Recreation when it comes back. When will that be? NBC will tell you in 2011. I’ll tell you, as soon as Outsourced gets canceled.

Last year, Thursday only featured three new shows. They all received lackluster reviews and never really took off. The Vampire Diaries did well enough for a CW show, and as I said, Community got better. FlashForward was endlessly frustrating, but thankfully ended.

My Generation

Basics: Dramedy of some mocumentary sort
Twist: Group of 28-year-olds look back on their high school life goals
Stars You Know: Jaime King (Gary Unmarried), Mehcad Brooks (True Blood)
Creative Team: Creator Noah Hawley (The Unusuals…rejoice, CJ)
Timeslot: 7:00pm (Thurs)
Network: ABC
Going Against: Community, $#*! My Dad Says, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, Bones, The Vampire Diaries
Premiere: September 23

$#*! My Dad Says

Basics: Family Sitcom
Twist: Shatner being the Shat
Stars You Know: William Shatner (TJ Hooker), Nicole Sullivan (MadTV), Will Sasso (MadTV)
Creative Team: Director James Burrows (this is his third pilot direction of the premieres…busy man), Tweater Justin Halpern (Twitter), Creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan (Will & Grace)
Timeslot: 7:30pm (Thurs)
Network: CBS
Going Against: 30 Rock, My Generation, Bones, The Vampire Diaries
Premiere: September 23


Basics: Action Drama
Twist: Female Assassin
Stars You Know: Maggie Q (movies), Xander Berkeley (24), Shane West (ER), Melinda Clarke (The OC)
Creative Team: Creator Craig Silverstein (Bones), Producers McG (Supernatural) and Danny Cannon (Chuck, CSI)
Timeslot: 8:00pm (Thurs)
Network: CW
Going Against: Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, The Office, Outsourced, Fringe
Premiere: September 9


Basics: Workplace Sitcom
Twist: Set in India
Stars You Know: Mostly new people
Creative Team: Creator Robert Borden (The Drew Carey Show, George Lopez)
Timeslot: 8:30pm (Thurs)
Network: NBC
Going Against: Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Nikita, Fringe
Premiere: September 23

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