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Can Lifetime make it work?

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 2, 2010

Gretchen tries to steal the show

So I haven’t been watching this season of Project Runway.  I can attribute this more to being in China when it premiered than a deliberate strike against Lifetime.  Although, as I’ve said before, the last two seasons on Lifetime have been less than good TV.

But, because it’s the first week of classes and because I don’t really have anything better to do, I’m going to watch tonight.

Tonight, episode six of season eight, our designers are coming off of a brutal team challenge that featured an upbraiding from Tim after the judges rendered their decision.  He said that one designer (Gretchen) bullied and manipulated the team and that another designer (AJ) who got kicked off took the bullet for her.  Tensions are at an all-time high, especially because the team that lost totally self destructed and threw each other under the bus.

Our cast of designers is not particularly compelling this season.  I already hate Gretchen for her heavy-handed arrogance and mousy looks.  But other than that, no one really sticks out to me.  Other than Michael, who apparently is the designer that everyone thinks should have gone home ages ago.  And there is one kid that looks like he came straight out of Mad Men.  The designers also seem decidedly less talented than they have been in the past.

Another thing that really bothers me about Project Runway in its current iteration is the insane product placement.  I understand that it’s an expensive show to produce, but it’s way too much now.  We watch the show because we like to see fashion designers, not because we care about the LOreal Paris makeup room or the Garnier hair salon or their stupid HP notebooks.  It is just way too much.  I can handle Mood and even perhaps the BlueFly accessory wall of yore, but come on.  It’s nauseating.

On tonight’s challenge, our designers have to turn ugly bridesmaids dresses into outfits that they can actually wear

Would you like some cheese with that whine, Christopher?

again.  Some bridesmaids are giving their designers a lot of leash, whereas others are telling their designers what to do.  Which is never good.  While in the work room, the designers continue to trash Michael, saying he can’t sew.  And whiny Christopher comes to Gretchen’s defense saying she isn’t malicious.  I totally think she is.  And Christopher’s soooooo whiny.

Instead of a runway show, the designers will do a showcase where they will present their dresses, and the guests will vote on their favorite designs.  The judges will then factor in the guest scores when evaluating.  What a pointless twist.  I really don’t understand why they would do this.  Clearly, they just don’t have enough talent and personality to actually fill the time allotted.  Also, there is some serious ugly going on here, which underscores my argument that these designers aren’t that talented.  Not that I can so much as sew on a button.  But hey.  Everyone’s a critic.  Especially me.

But oh wait.  Cuz it’s 8:45 and we’ve got another 45 minutes to fill, so it’s time for the real runway show.  Cue interminable shots of them styling their models in the logo-full respective salons.

Holy cow.  Whoever is styling Heidi Klum this season needs to be fired.  Her shirt looks like a carpet, and those tights are just wrong.

Mondo (yes, Mondo) got the most fan votes from the showcase.  I don’t hate what he came up with, but it screams Jersey City.  Valerie’s outfit is one big 80s mess.  Magenta and black?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  The hot pants that Andy designed are also a huge mistake.  These designers simply have no taste.  And I know because I am the arbiter of taste.  But seriously.  I can’t get over how awful these designs are.  The designers just suck.  Even the designers on the top aren’t great.

For the record, Michael is the winner of the challenge, which will undoubtedly not shut up the bitter designers who think he can’t sew.  For the record as well, I also think he can’t sew.  But bitterness is even less attractive on television than it is on my couch.  Peach (yes, Peach) the token 50-year-old woman is out for her awful design.

So what’s the problem with this season?  The episodes are too long, the designers lack talent, and there aren’t interesting personalities.  Perhaps these aren’t things we can blame Lifetime for, but Project Runway is still striking out for me.  It certainly is their fault that the show plods along at a snail’s pace.  There are way too many shots of the designers just sitting around talking.  Admittedly, this season is more interesting than last season, but I don’t feel like I need to see any more.

The one awesome thing about this episode?  Michael’s t-shirt emblazoned with Tim Gunn’s saying “Thank you, Mood.”  The other good thing?  The way Heidi calls designer Casanova’s name when she tells him he’s in.  But yes, take a minute and reflect upon the fact that there’s a a designer named Casanova.


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Making it Work: Project Runway (S7: E14)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 24, 2010

Cue designers trashtalking the other designers’ collections.  Why I’m even still watching this show is beyond me.  I’m not watching next season.

Time to cast the models, go over styling, and get ready for the runway.

Michael Kors is wearing sunglasses inside the dark tent to watch the fashion show.  The better to see the designs with, I guess.

Heidi starts the show

The guest judge is Faith Hill.

Despite a lack of color, I really like Seth Aaron’s collection, inspired by Russian military women or something.

Seth Aaron with a piece from his collection

Mila’s  inspiration is shadows.  Yawn.  Her collection has nothing I haven’t seen her make already.  There was not a single exciting piece in this collection.

Matronly Mila

It’s nice to see some color in Emilio’s collection.  It’s still not very exciting or interesting, though.  Where have the Santinos and Chris Marches gone?  I don’t watch Project Runway to see things I could buy at JCPenney.

Emilio's colorful coat

Seth Aaron FTW.  Even though I said I hated him at the beginning.

Nina calls Emilio’s collection “quiet but sophisticated.”  Michael says it was commercial in a good way.

Michael says Mila made the 1960s contemporary with her styling.  Nina still doesn’t seem sold on Mila.

Our judges have a little chat before calling the designers back in.

Mila is out.  Heidi glances around dramatically.  But then she tells us Seth Aaron is the winner of Project Runway.


While the right person won, it still wasn’t an exciting season.  Better than season six, but not by much.

If you want to see the designers’ full Bryant Park collections, click here.

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Go Time: Project Runway (S7: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 20, 2010

Our designers reassemble in New York.  Mila and Jay have to show parts of their collection to determine who will be going to fashion week.

Heidi has long hair now that 4 months have passed.

Mila and Jay will each show 3 pieces.  Mila’s collection is made up of oversized jackets in black and white.  Who’d have thought.  Jay’s collection is also primarily black and white and full of jackets, although he does have some color.

Michael compliments Mila’s construction, but thinks the collection could be more modern.  Jay’s collection is definitely more modern and more intricate.  Nina thinks he should have edited more, however.

When the judges deliberate, Heidi comes down for Mila, while Michael advocates for Jay.  Nina is on the fence.

So, who’s it gonna be?  Mila is going to fashion week.  Jay is not.  (Boooo, judges!  I would have gone the other way!)  Jay is shocked.  Poor guy.

This may be the OLDEST group of PR finalists we’ve ever had.  Mila is 40, Seth Aaron is 37, and Emilio is 34 or something.  Geezers.

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The Greatest Show on Earth: Project Runway (S7: E11)

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 12, 2010

Center of the ring, Tim Gunn!

Time for the final challenge for our five designers.  Those remaining after this challenge are headed to Bryant Park.

Heidi sends the designers to a tent, but not a fashion week tent, a circus tent.  Their challenge is to create a high-end runway look inspired by the circus.

The designers feel the pressure.  “Come hard or go home,” Emilio says.  (Erm, really?  Want to rephrase that, Sosa?)

Most of our designers have selected stripes for their textiles.  Both Mila and Emilio are making jackets.

“Last chance to wow the judges;” “have to bring the heat;” blah blah blah.

Jay’s coat looks “Michael Jackson” to the other designers.  May he rest in peace.  MJ, not Jay.  Unless he gets eliminated tonight.

Anthony made a gown, as per usual.  It was interesting.  Not altogether bad or

Is Jay being predictable?

good.  Until I found out it was polyester.  Then it became horrible.  Emilio’s dress was dramatic and well made.  Seth Aaron’s coat was undeniably him and well tailored.

2 of our designers are out tonight.  The judges are appalled that Anthony made his dress out of $300 of polyester.  She looks like ‘a big blue condom,’ Michael Kors says.  Nina isn’t crazy about Mila’s outfit.  The judges LOVE Emilio’s dress.  Michael says it’s his favorite garment of the season.  I agree and apologize that I could not find a picture to paste in.  You can see the dress here.

So, who’s in and who’s out?

Emilio is in and going to Bryant Park.  So is Seth Aaron.

Seth Aaron does circus chic

Anthony needs to mature as a designer, Heidi says, so he’s out.

A blue condom? Oh no!

Mila is in, meaning Jay is out.  Or does it?  Heidi says both of them have the potential to wow the judges.  Both of them will design collections, but only one of them will get the opportunity to show at fashion week.  (Yawn.  We’ve seen this before.)

Mila's mediocre coat

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I’m sorry, Project Runway, you’re out

Posted by CJ Cregg on April 8, 2010

Bored by this season of Project Runway? So am I.  Here’s one blogger’s take on how to make the show better.

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Styling and Textiling: Project Runway (S7: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 29, 2010

Rocking chains

It’s creativity time!  Our designers will be creating and designing their own textile to form the base of their next garment.  Their textile will be digitally printed.  (Insert massive ad for Intel and HP.  Yawn.)  The designers use paintbrushes on touchscreen computers.  It’s pretty amazing to watch, actually.  They also have this GIGANTIC printer that spits out test sheets of their designs.

All of the designers’ textiles look really stunning.  They’ve vibrant and gorgeous.  Except that Emilio tried to spell out ESOSA and no one can read it.  Maya’s struggling, though, because she doesn’t often work with prints.  Emilio calls Mila’s dress a ‘big, white, teepee.’

Many of our designers have used a black base and their prints as accent pieces.

LOVE Heidi’s huge chain necklace on the runway.  Awesome.

Michael and Nina are back.  And Nina looks surly as ever.

Seth made a jacket out of his pop-art print.  It’s pretty chic.  I love Jonathan’s print, but the dress is boring.  I like how Maya’s dress came out.  Really didn’t like Emilio’s jacket, but his dress was pretty.  Mila’s dress was stiff and her model couldn’t walk.  Bad news.  Anthony’s dress wasn’t bad, and it WAS purple, but it was nothing special.  Jay’s jacket and pant combo popped on the runway.

The judges love Emilio’s look.  His signature look and unexpected juxtaposition of graffiti and 1940s French fashion were inspired.

The judges hate Mila’s print.  Michael says it’s a Mexican sarape, gay flag.

Gay teepee?

Anthony’s dress wasn’t creative enough.  The judges think he’s one note.

The judges laud Seth Aaron for impeccable tailoring and a charming print.  He never loses his personality.

Michael is intrigued by Maya’s dress.  He calls it ‘romantic warrior.’  Her print is the judge’s favorite.

The judges say Jonathan’s print looks like a dirty tablecloth.  And his jacket looked like a strait jacket.  And here he thought he was gonna win.

Dirty dishrag?

Emilio is this week’s winner.  Mila also squeaks by, meaning Anthony and Jonathan are this week’s bottom two.  Since Jonathan has gotten so much face time, I think he’s headed home.  Except that I’m wrong.  Anthony is out for his simple cocktail dress.  Always better to take the risk I guess.

I guess I never really made predictions for this season.  I think our final 3 in Bryant Park will be:

Seth Aaron



I realize this is cheap coming so late in the season.  But whatever.  Don’t say I didn’t predict.

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It’s Elementary: Project Runway (S7: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 12, 2010

Our designers are given the challenge of designing an outfit based on the elements: either earth, wind, air, or fire.  Our designers are really feeling the pressure.  Even Anthony is quiet in the workroom.

This is a dumb challenge and a boring episode.  Also, it was way too predictable.  Step it up, Lifetime.

Ben is getting lots of face time.  This probably does not bode well for his future on the show.

Even Seth Aaron is at the end of his rope as their time draws to a close.  It’s a true ‘make it work’ moment for all of our designers.

Amy is making a dress with a half moon shape.  She wants this dress’s front to catch the model’s hair.  It just looks like her model has hairy boobs.  Fail.

Now add the frizzy blonde hair in the pouch. SHUDDER.

Maya’s dress did evoke water, even though I’d never wear it.  Jay’s dress also looked like a tornado, so I guess he got what he was going for.  Ben’s suit was a disaster.  Jonathan’s ‘air’ dress was angelic.  Amy’s dress was wrong on every level.  This was a risk that should not be rewarded.  Emilio’s dress fit great, but it looked kind of like a log.

Maya's water dress

Jay, Emilio, and Anthony finish in the middle this week.

Mila’s outfit was safe, normal, which the judges didn’t love.  Michael calls her a ‘one trick pony.’  Amy’s dress was way too weird for the judges.  Heidi called it ‘a cat in a baby sling.’  Michael Kors said the model looked like a barmaid serving her hair.  Ben’s suit trouser looked like she was wearing underwear over her pants.  He’s toast.

The designers are really taken with Jonathan’s romantic, blush gown.  He’s our winner this week.  And here I was all down on him last week.  Mila squeaks by, making Amy and Ben our bottom two.  After a longer pause than usual with our drumbeat music, Ben is out.

Jonathan's airy dress

Thus ends the most boring episode of Project Runway perhaps ever.  Thank goodness.

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Hard to Wear: Project Runway (S7: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on March 6, 2010

Tim looks a bit out of place...

And then there were none.  Errr…ten.  We still have ten designers left.  And only three women left in the bunch.  But I have to say, I think these are strong women who are going to be around for awhile.  Except maybe Amy.

Our ten designers’ challenge is one of the ‘not fabric’ ones.  About time.  They’ll be designing a garment and an accessory from materials found in a hardware store.  Amy is using sandpaper.  Thank goodness I’m not her model.

Emilio is in a tight spot.  He’s trying to make something out of washers and cord.  Looks like a stripper outfit.  He turns it into a less-than-tasteful bikini.

In all of its slutty glory, the pink cord and washer bikini

Mila is colorblocking.  Again.  Whatever that means.

One note Mila?

Jay made leather pants out of garbage bags that are pretty awesome.  But they don’t fit his model.

Is Seth Aaron even here?  I haven’t seen him yet.  Oh.  There he is.  No idea what he’s been working on all this time.  He has immunity, though, so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Jesse just used the word ‘cray-cray’ to describe what’s happening in the challenge.  Not sure I approve.

As you know, in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.  (If you don’t know that by now, you’re in trouble.)  Seems like most of our designers are out this time.

Milas dress was a bit tacky with the black and white squares.  Jesse’s dress looked like a Hershey’s kiss.  The silver spray paint was a BAD idea.  Jonathan’s copper dress was tasteful, if plain.  Anthony’s duct tape dress was boring, but purple, so that’s a plus in my book.  Ben’s copper sheath dress was also really boring.  Emilio’s bikini.  Wow.  Just wow.  Jay really pulled off the leather pants.  His outfit rocked.  Seth’s outfit also looks like an even tackier Hershey’s kiss.  Amy’s sandpaper dress was nice.

Jonathan is squarely in the middle

The judges like Mila’s mod look.  Emilio defends his bathing suit to the end, but Michael Kors says it’s a cheese-fest.  It’s like Construction Worker Barbie meets Malibu Barbie.  Michael Kors says Anthony’s dress is a bad prom dress.  The judges like Maya’s unique point of view.  The necklace she constructed out of keys is definitely chic.  Michael Kors stole my Hershey’s kiss line to describe Jesse’s outfit!  (I swear I came up with it before I heard him use it.)  The judges LOVE Jay’s trash bag leather pants.  This week’s winner for sure.

Jay is this week’s winner.  He’s now won 2 challenges.  And he can leave the runway.

Anthony squeaks by, leaving Emilio and Jesse in the bottom 2.  One of them will be out.  Hershey’s kiss is apparently a bigger sin than Vegas showgirl, so Jesse is out.

Jesse’s shocked he’s been kicked off.  I am not.  He’s an idiot.

Now it’s time to get rid of the designers that consistently perform in the middle of the pack, like Jonathan and Anthony.  And frankly, Emilio has been pretty inconsistent as of late, so perhaps he should go too.

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Fashion Forward Children: Project Runway (S7: E6)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 22, 2010

Sir Talks-a-lot gets gagged

What a challenge our designers have this week!  Heidi tells them they will be designing a fashion forward, age appropriate outfit for children!  Jonathan admits that he is deathly afraid of children.  Me too, buddy, me too.  They meet their petite models (not of the ANTM last season variety), sketch, and head to Mood.

(Awesome shot of the episode: A dog stares quizzically up at Tim Gunn while in the fabric megastore.  Why the heck is there a dog in Mood?)

Back in the workroom, we learn that Jonathan can do a GREAT Michael Kors impression.  “It looks like Memoirs of a Geisha meets Barney,” he quips.

The designers suspect a twist may be coming.  And their intuitions are right.  Tim tells them they must also design an adult design inspired by their children’s design.  Emilio is terrified because he made a floofy Easter dress.  How will he make a fashion forward adult piece to match?

While they work on their adult pieces, the designers challenge Anthony to not talk for as long as he can.  He made it 15 minutes.

As Tim does his final inspection, he tells the designers he is ‘wowed’ by their designs.  All in all, a pretty good week.

[Observation: Janeane has gotten a TON of face time this episode.  She’s totally going home.]

Runway show time!  Amy made pants out of petals that were absolutely horrible.  Jonathan also used fluffy rosettes to make an overworked duck dress.  Mila’s colorblocked dress with matching adult jumpsuit was ADORABLE!  (I would have thought she would be in the top.)  Janeane’s tank dress had no design in it whatsoever.

Jonathan, Amy, and Janeane make up this week’s bottom three.  Seth Aaron, Jay, and Jesse are in the top.  Michael Kors remarks that Jonathan’s dress looked like a tornado of toilet paper.  Yes.  Yes it did.  Also, his little girl said her bolero jacket was itchy.  Heidi takes the comfort of her mini-models very seriously, so this is obviously a huge problem.

Tornado of toilet paper, at your service.

Janeane’s boring disaster got her sent home.  It seems to me that now all of the obviously bad designers are gone.  Now, hopefully it will get more interesting.  Anyone could go home any week.

Halloween anyone?

Now for the good news.  The judges loved Seth Aaron’s hoodie and skirt combo, calling it whimsical and fun.  He’s our winner this week!

One perfectly tailored jacket.

I really don’t know who’s in and who’s out at this point.  A lot more designers are taking risks this season, which is good.

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Covering Heidi: Project Runway (S7: E5)

Posted by CJ Cregg on February 15, 2010

Cover up Heidi to win this challenge!

Mila is whining cuz she has no friends and people didn’t say congrats.  Yawn.  Turns out the designers think she’s cocky and “one note.”

But enough of that.  On to this week.  Their challenge is to design an outfit to be worn by a celebrity who will appear on the cover of Marie Claire magazine.  This is huge for our designers.  They are encouraged to think about the cover specifically.  They also have to think about color, season, the words on the cover, and the fact that the shot will be from the waist up.  The mysterious celebrity?  Heidi Klum!

Mila wants her design to “say Mila.”  I hope she isn’t being literal.  Anna is choosing light colors.  Which is going to make Heidi blend into the cover.  Well done.  Anthony has no vision.

Tim is worried.  There’s a total lack of inspiration.  From what I can tell.  I’m drafting a fantasy Olympic team right now, so not paying as close of attention as I should be.

Amy used a unique print on a dress.  Which was nice, but might clutter up the cover.  Seth’s suit was SO boring.  Jesse made a bustier dress which I’ve seen before.  Anna’s tank and shorts were also SUPER boring.  Anthony’s one shoulder blue dress had  interesting volume.  Jeneane’s outfit looked bridal-y.  Mila’s dress was so beige her model looked naked.  Emilio’s red dress was cute and flirty, but perhaps a bit too low cut?  Jonathan’s dress looked like a silk diaper.  Maya made a cute dress with a frilly collar that I also liked.  Ben used vibrant colors with a big belt.  Very cute.

Michael and Nina liked Ben’s modern Madame Butterfly dress (his words, not mine).  Anthony’s teal dress was also a hit with the judges.  Emilio’s red dress was also in the top.  The judges said it was charming.  Anna’s tank and shorts combo had no shape, and the judges were not feeling it.  Michael also says Anna made Heidi look like a teen magazine.  The only thing saving her was that her shorts are well made.  Janeane’s dress was too much and not fashion forward.  Michael says Mila’s dress looked like an ace bandage.  The color blocks she sewed on effectively made an arrow toward her model’s crotch.

Emilio's flirty and fun design

Mila's dress is wrong on so many levels

This is one of the biggest rewards for a PR challenge ever.  No immunity.  But a national magazine cover.  ANTHONY WINS.  And he’s stoked.  Clearly.

The winning design

Anna is out for being unforgiveably boring.  You can tell she was a lightweight because Tim told her “you should be so proud of what you achieved” when she left.

Janeane's bridal disaster was safe

Next to go?  Defs Janeane.

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