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I can’t believe I’m missing this…

Posted by CJ Cregg on August 5, 2010

Seriously.  It sounds delicious.

Not that I don’t love China, nor do I want to sound ungrateful to my gracious host.  But there are only so many Two and a Half Men reruns that one can watch on Asia’s version of Fox, Star World.


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Crashing the Gates of Bravo

Posted by CJ Cregg on June 16, 2010

The Salahis wander into the White House. Will they wander into our hearts on Bravo?

Yes.  As we were told it would.  It has happened.  The White House party crashers will be featured on the next iteration of Bravo’s immensely popular “Real Housewives” franchise.  The Real Housewives of Washington DC will feature the Salahis and will air beginning August 5.

Thank God I’ll be in China, otherwise I might feel compelled to watch.

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