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Not So Beautiful After All

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 27, 2009

Not even a good smoky eye could save this one

Not even a good smoky eye could save this one

Thanks to Malcolm for bringing this to my attention.  We have our first fall fatality.  CW’s The Beautiful Life has been canceled.  After airing only 2 episodes and losing about 60% of the ANTM audience each time, the plug has been pulled.  I will admit to being a bit surprised.  I didn’t think the show was that great (or even good), but I’ve seen some worse stuff this fall as well.  Also, it seemed like a show well suited to the CW’s demographic.  TBL’s former time slot is currently being filled with reruns of Melrose Place, another show with pretty dismal ratings.  So far only the Vampire Diaries is building a CW audience.  Which show will be the next to go?  My money’s on Accidentally on Purpose.  What do you think?


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Premiere Review: The Beautiful Life

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 16, 2009

“I make beautiful people very rich.” –Simon Lockridge

New York Fashion Week has arrived and beautiful people are clamoring to make a name for themselves on the runway.  When used-to-be-famous model Sonja Stone’s (Mischa Barton) dress doesn’t fit in the Zac Posen show, new model Raina Marinelli (Sara Paxton) gets the chance to strut her stuff.  This chance earns her the glares of models-to-be in New York.  Chris Andrews (Ben Hollingsworth) with the farm-good-looks and Iowa sensibility gets noticed by both a modeling agent and Raina.  Of course, Chris’s parents think he should come back to Iowa and that modeling is a waste of his time.  He refuses his father’s begging to come back to the Midwest.  Raina shows him to the model house where half-naked people do drugs and walk around shirtless.  To give Raina and Chris some common ground, Raina’s guyliner wearing brother shows up to try to convince her to come home, which she declines. Later,  at a club party, Sonja demonstrates her willingness to sleep her way to the top to book the Versace job, but doesn’t seem to have much success and is frustrated at being a has been in the industry. Raina and Chris are just about to hookup as the episode ends.  (I did not see that coming…oh wait, yes I did.)

Killer dimples,  smoky eyes, blinding white teeth, and ‘oh no you didn’t’ reaction shots seem to be the mark of this new show.  Mischa Barton falls flat as pretentious model Sonja.  The writing is pretty bad, and the naive, country boy trying to learn his way around New York City has been done before.  (Also, what was he doing in NYC before he got discovered by Simon?  No explanation is given.)  Is there anything new under the sun?  No matter how many times we try to twist the beautiful, rich people in a big city plot, is it ever anything other than that?  Maybe models hasn’t been done yet perse, but nothing really felt new or exciting about this show.  This will likely be my refrain through the fall premiere season, but I have my own cadre of shows that I like to watch, so it is going to take something pretty special to make me add a show to my weekly lineup.  This show did not stand out.  There were also way too many fake British accents.  Annoying.

I did enjoy Corbin Bleu’s performance as struggling model Isaac.  I like the makeup and outfits (lots of sparkles!)  My verdict, however, is that this is not the next Gossip Girl.  I have no desire to watch more of this.  (And this from the girl whose favorite genre of TV is anything that involves models, fashion designers, or housewives.)  Seeing Sara Paxton as Raina was a blast from the past.  I remember her back when she was a brunette and on the Disney Channel in movies like Return to Halloweentown.  She is definitely not the shows’ weakest link.  In fact, I kind of like her character.  But not enough to keep watching the show.

Grade: C

It’s an OK show.  Nothing great.

Corbin Bleu as Isaac

Corbin Bleu as Isaac

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