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Commander in Chef: Top Chef S7 Finale

Posted by CJ Cregg on September 15, 2010

Who will it be? (Um, most of these people have been sent home, actually.)

So I haven’t been blogging about Top Chef this season.  But I’ve been watching.  And it’s been a good season.  They kept us interested with the Kenny/Angelo rivalry.  Then, when they sent Kenny home prematurely, a bunch of middling chefs really stepped up.  Who would have predicted that Ed would have the amazing momentum he has going into the finale at the beginning of the season?  Not I, for sure.  In fact, I only would have predicted Angelo in the finals after the premiere.  Not Ed and CERTAINLY NOT Kevin.  He was truly the dark horse.

The challenges have been creative: disguise a classic dish at the CIA, run a concession stand at the Nationals Ball Park, along with the usual party catering challenges.  All in all, a solid season.

Now, who’s going to be Top Chef?  Let’s find out, shall we?

So, our remaining chefs, Ed, Kevin, and Angelo get called BACK to Judges’ Table, where awaiting is the trusty knife block.  Padma tells them the final challenge is to “create the four course meal of your life.”  Tom will be choosing their protein, and they must make a dessert.  The cheftestants also get some extra hands to help out…past winners including Hung, Michael, and Ilan.  Ed gets Ilan, Kevin gets Michael, and Angelo gets Hung.

Angelo starts feeling sick.  (International travel can do that to you.  Oh, did I mention they’re in Singapore?)  Tom decides that Hung can prep for Angelo while on the phone with him.  Ed thinks Angelo is being a little weakling.  Tom unveils their proteins and pulls an entire duck out of a bag.  Awesome.  (There are other sea foody type things too.)

I missed Hung running around the kitchen like a chicken with his head cut off.  It’s good to have him back.  But he’s

Hail to the Chef!

in a tough spot, because he has 3 hours to do everything, whereas everyone else has four hands to use in the three hours.

The doc clears Angelo to cook in the finale.  He still looks like hell, but I guess the antibiotic shot in the butt worked.

Heh, Ed made crispy fried cockles.

Moving on.

Seems like the judges can’t agree.  There are good things about all of our chefs’ meals.  Or at least the video editors are leading me to believe this.  The judges love Kevin’s dessert, and Gail is happy that all of the desserts were good this season!  I feel like Kevin’s going to win.  Ed cops a bit of an attitude (someone got arrogant over the last few episodes…he must have some big cockles) at Judges’ Table, which noticeably pissed the judges off.

So, who does the 125,000 dollars furnished by Dial Nutriskin go to?  Kevin!  For cooking the best meal and taking the most risks.  I’m happy for him.  It surprised me when he made it to the finals, and brought it in the end.

Padma: Kevin [dramatic pause] you are Top Chef.

Kevin: I am?


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Hail to the Chef: Top Chef (S7: E1)

Posted by CJ Cregg on June 16, 2010

Hitting the Newseum

Top Chef is back for a seventh season, and I’m especially excited because this season takes place in one of my favorite cities, Washington DC from whence I just returned this morning.

Let’s meet some of our chefs:

Tiffany wants to be the first black winner.

Tracey has a creeeepy laugh.

Kenneth ‘turned his first egg when he was 3 years old.’  I don’t know what turning an egg is.

Arnold got a facial and wardrobe consultant to prep for Top Chef.

Kevin tells us that Jersey has arrived.  I’m skeptical.

Jacqueline is our token ‘self taught’ caterer.  She’s going down fast.

Timothy is the hometown chef.

Angelo likes to list his impressive resume with international accomplishments.  I’m thinking his cockiness isn’t gonna hold up.

John is our token crazy person.  Calling that now.

Amanda is our greenie, who cuts her palm on the first challenge.  She’s already selling herself short.

Seems like our chefs are older than usual this season.  Read more about the rest of our chefs here.

Our chefs converge on the Newseum balcony (I’ve totally been there).  Their first quickfire tests their basic speed and skills in the mise en place tournament, where they peel potatoes, brunoise onions, break down chickens, and prepare a dish.  Kenny comes out swinging and wins all 3 of the speed tests.  Tracey wants him to fall off the balcony.  I’m pretty sure she’s not kidding.  Our four qualifiers for the final round have to prepare a dish using the chicken they broke down, the onions, and the potatoes.  Winner gets 20 thousand bucks.  Our top two are Angelo (already the villain) and Kenny.  Good v. Evil playing out, it seems.  Angelo wins.  Evil prevails.  Annoying yes, but apparently he has the skills to back up the mouth.

For the first elimination challenge, the cheftestants have to make a dish that represents where they’re from.  Like

OK, so this has nothing to do with cooking, but here's a pic of Padma and her new baby 🙂

last season, they’ll go head to head with a group of chefs and the losing chefs will be in danger of getting eliminated.

The contestants hit Whole Foods, and Jacqueline decides she’ll make a chicken liver mousse.  Yah.  I just threw up in my mouth.  Angelo’s dish includes ‘bacon froth.’  Interesting.  John is making a maple dessert to represent Michigan.  Heh.  Michigan.  Steven has to represent Ohio.  Also funny.

When they arrive at the auditorium, Jacqueline’s dish tastes grainy.  It also looks like something one produces AFTER eating a huge meal.  So she cooks it again.  I’m sure that’s going to work out really well for her.  On the plus side, she knows she’s screwed.  Amanda’s plate was kind of a mess.  Tracey’s shrimp is bland.

Now it’s time for our first judges table.  In our top 4, we have Angelo, Kenny, Kevin, and Alex.  Alex kinda looks like Weird Al and made a borscht.  Angelo wins again, and the judges praise his bacon foam.  He’s gonna be an a** all season.  But I trust Bravo too much to make this season predictable, so here’s to hoping he won’t actually win (Predictable and annoying? Here’s looking at you Lifetime).

In the bottom 4 are Steven, John, Tim, and Jacqueline.  Jacqueline whines about needing a recipe for a dish that she claims she’s made hundreds of time.  Tom Coliccio ain’t having it.  Sadly, our chefs making dishes representing the Midwest didn’t fare so well.  John the-weirdo-with-crazy-eyes-and-scary-hair made a puff pastry dish with store bought puff pastries.  GASP!  CALAMITY!

So who earns the honored title of being first kicked off for season seven?  John and his store bought puff pastries are packing their knives and going home.  Would have thought that Bravo would have kept crazy eyes around longer.

Up this season: challenges at the CIA, space (as in planets and galaxies and stuff) AND BUZZ ALDRIN, the Washington Nationals, and an appearance by the White House Chef.

Ah, Bravo.  In the midst of the summer doldrums, you always bring it.  This is gonna be a good season.

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Four Courses to Victory: Top Chef (S6: E14)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 9, 2009

Only one can be Top Chef


Our three remaining chefs, Kevin, Michael, and Bryan, are still in Napa and ready to cook their hearts out for the title of Top Chef.

For the FINAL CHALLENGE, the chefs will be cooking a three course meal with a twist.  For the first course, they are going to get a box and they have to use all the ingredients in it.  For the second course, they can make whatever they want, but for the third course, they have to make a dessert.  Our remaining cheftestants will have help, though.  They get to pick two sous chef from all the other chefs who have been kicked off.  Knives are drawn to determine who will work with who.  Kevin draws Preeti, the first chef kicked off.  Eeeep.

I was expecting them to get sous chefs, but not two, and not from a random drawing including ALL the chefs, even the not top ones.  Way to switch it up, Bravo.  Even I was surprised.

Kevin is seriously screwed because of his sous chefs.  Bryan gets Jennifer on his team, and Michael has Eli, so there’s some talent behind the Brothers Voltaggio.

As they’re prepping, their moms show up!  Not a curveball for another course, as the chefs and I were expecting.  Surprised me again, Bravo.  Well done.  Of course, the moms aren’t just there to comfort their sons.  They have to dedicate a dish to their mom inspired by a childhood memory as a new first course.

Padma kicks the moms out after they serve their first course inspired by their childhood.  How rude.  The judges have mixed reviews on all the dishes.  The desserts are all pretty blah according to the judges.  Kevin and Bryan are confident, but Michael is nervous because his cake was dry.

When asked why he deserves to be top chef, Michael says, “I just don’t want Bryan to be top chef.”  Well played, sibling, well played.  All three chefs profess their undying love for food.

The judges seem to agree that Bryan cooked the best meal, and Kevin had a bad night.

And our Top Chef is…not Kevin.  Sad.  There goes my prediction.

Down to the Brothers Voltaggio.  The Top Chef is Michael!  Apparently his strength throughout the entire competition convinced the judges to overlook his dry cake.  Michael says he’s more proud of the fact that he and his brother both made it to the final than he is of himself for winning.  Liar.

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Welcome to Wine Country: Top Chef (S6: E13)

Posted by CJ Cregg on December 2, 2009

Wine Country

Our top chefs have arrived in Napa Valley for the final four.  Turns out, there’s a facebook group dedicated to Kevin’s beard.  I have not investigated, but you’re welcome to if you’re so inclined.

Padma greets them, rocking her baby bump.  And some bangs.

For their last quickfire, the cheftestants have to make a dish that features Napa’s signature ingredient, the grape.  Winner gets a caaaaaaar.  Catch here is they’re working on a moving train.  Jennifer is worried she’s going to cut herself, and Kevin gets carsick.  Fantastic.  One winner celebrated the grape the most effectively.  And that chef was Michael.  Prius for him.  No Prius for me.

To determine who will be in the finale, the chefs will be catering a party at the Rutherford Hills winery.  All

Napa's Rutherford Hills winery

of their ingredients for their dishes will be grown locally.  They will use a local farmers’ market and protein to make their two dishes, one of which will be vegetarian.

Michael has really shown his true colors to be the colors of an ass the last few episodes.  (Whatever color that is.  Blue?)  Jennifer is nervous.  Shocking.

Gail Simmons is back!  The chefs have beautiful, colorful dishes.  Jennifer’s dish is awesomely “ducky” according to Tom.  Michael is sure he has it in the bag.  I’m annoyed cuz he’s a jerk.

The chefs then get to go to a tasting a big wig from the Terlato wines.  Jennifer gets drunk.

Kevin’s vegetarian dish of roasted vegetables was stellar, according to the judges.  Bryan’s dishes needed a bit more seasoning, the judges thought.  Michael’s dish had some real balance problems as well.  His egg was too big, and there was too much soup.  Jennifer’s dish was a bit salty.

Tom says that all the dishes were really good.  However, the winner is Bryan!  He’s onto the season finale.  (Glad it was the nice Voltaggio.)  Jennifer has to pack her knives and go.  Can’t say I didn’t see this coming.  She was scattered and nervous throughout, but I’m sad there won’t be female representation in the final.

Who’s going to win?  Kevin.  For sure.

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Golden Bites: Top Chef (S6: E12)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 18, 2009

Last challenge in Vegas!  22 challenges later, we have 5 chefs remaining.  After one more elimination, our cheftestants are off

No trophy, but 30K

to Napa Valley.

Before we continue, let us revel in the fact that Robin is finally gone.  Reveling, reveling, reveling… OK, I’m good.  Let’s move on.

A famous (adorably short) chef gives our cheftestants their final quickfire in Vegas.  They are challenged to make a dish with a protein in a protein in a protein.  (TurDuckEn anyone?)  Padma compliments Jen’s dish by saying, “You’re back.”  Hopefully she’s managed to get her nerves under control.  Our famous chef, Gavin, gives our cheftestants feedback on their dishes, but I’m too distracted by how short he looks standing next to Padma to really listen.  Jennifer is given the win, however.  I did catch that.  You’re welcome.

For the elimination challenge, each chef has to create a presentation platter Bocuse D’Or style.  The Bocuse D’Or is like the Olympics of cooking.  Time for our chefs to go all out.  As the winner, Jennifer gets an extra 30 minutes to create her platter.  Their judges will be among the best cooks in the world and the most critical.

Next our chefs learn that the winner of this challenge will rake in $30,000.  Extra pressure.  As if they needed it.  The judges like Kevin’s lamb dish, but they call it a bit elementary.  The flavors of Michael’s dish didn’t work together.  And one of the judges found a bone in his salmon.  The horrors.  That’s the last thing you need.  Eli messed up the cooking of his lamb, and the judges are unimpressed.  Jennifer’s dish was tasty, but not well thought out.  Tom called it all over the place. I’m thinking Eli’s in trouble here.

ANOTHER SURPRISE!  The winner of the challenge will also get the opportunity to represent the US in the 2011 Bocuse D’Or.  Huge honor.

Our winner tonight is Kevin.  Apparently playing it safe worked out well this time.  Eli will be packing his knives and going.  No surprise here.

So our final four are Kevin, Michael, Bryan, and Jennifer.  They’re off to Napa Valley to find out who will be TOP CHEF!

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On the Strip: Top Chef (S6: E11)

Posted by CJ Cregg on November 11, 2009


After a brief hiatus, Top Chef is back and we’re down to six!

The cheftestants head to the Venetian hotel.  Padma calls down to the kitchen to request room service for her and Nigella Lawson.  It’s time for breakfast in bed.  Sadly two separate beds.  (What? They’re both smoking hot.)  They also both have appropriately mussed bed hair.  And fluffy bathrobes.  I’m jealous.  Also breakfast is far and away my favorite meal of the day, so this is an awesome challenge.  The privilege of serving the bad dishes went to Bryan and Robin.  Eli and Kevin served the good dishes.  Eli wins!  (He’s still here?  I’d forgotten about him.)

For the elimination challenge, our cheftestants have to create a dish inspired by a casino.  They draw knives with names of the famous casinos.  Their dishes will be served at a catered party at the World Market Center.

Robin is making a dessert she’s never made before.  Jennifer still cannot make herself focus.  Eli’s dish was a miss, but he drew great inspiration from his casino.  (If Eli screwed up enough to save Robin, I’m gonna be UPSET.)

The judges’ three favorite dishes were Kevin, Bryan, and Michael.  Nigella tells our chefs that the winner is Michael.  He wins a HUGE bottle of wine.  And a trip to said winery.  (Whew cuz just a bottle of wine would be lame.)

No surprise, then, that Robin, Eli, and Jennifer are in the bottom.  The primary complaint against Jennifer’s food was that it was boring.  Excaliber was not so inspiring it seems.  (“More spamalot than Camelot” according to judge Toby.)  Eli made a peanut and apple soup for his casino, Circus Circus.  The judges were not impressed.  He ground up popcorn on the top too.  Circus yes.  Yummy no.  But Robin made panacotta, which is apparently easy to make, and she screwed it up.

I was so sure it was going to be Eli packing his knives this week, but lo and behold, the judges FINALLY decide to send Robin home.  (Seems like the wrong decision for this episode, but I’m definitely not upset that Robin is going home.)

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NOT a Steak Dinner: Top Chef (S6: E10)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 28, 2009

Tom: Please don't screw this up.

Tom: Please don't screw this up!

TV Guide has sponsored this week’s quickfire.  Each chef is to be inspired by a TV show.  The cheftestants draw knives that say “Sesame Street,” “Cheers,” “The Sopranos” etc…  Robin reveals that she wasn’t allowed to watch TV as a kid.  That’s probably why she’s so weird and Mr. Feeny, Moltisanti, and I are so normal.  Best part of the challenge?  The chefs serve Padma and the guest judge who are sitting on a couch in front of a vintage TV set on TV trays.  Jen is totally psyching herself out.  She’s clearly her own worst enemy.  I think the stress of the competition is getting to her.  Jennifer and Robin’s dishes are up for cancellation, heh.  Kevin and Brian are up for syndication.  (Padma’s scripted jokes, not mine.)  Kevin wins!  His dish will be a frozen meal sold by Schwan’s.  Cuz apparently Top Chef now has a line of frozen foods.  How classy.  This economic crisis is hitting everyone hard, it seems.  Even Top Chef.

No meat for me, thanks.

No meat for me, thanks

For their elimination challenge, the cheftestants will be serving steak at Tom Colicchio’s steak house, craftsteak.  In true Bravo fashion, there’s a twist.  The chefs will be cooking for Natalie Portman, and she’s a vegetarian!  (Sacrilege in a steak house!)  The chefs have to change all of their dishes.  This is probably good for me as a viewer, because I was really starting to drool looking at the fridge with all the meat.  Nonetheless, most of the chefs seem to be pretty comfortable cooking vegetarian stuff.

When it comes time to plate, Robin doesn’t get her whole dish out.  And the dish is apparently way too salty.  Jen’s dish was good, but didn’t have enough personality.  And Michael wowed the judges with his well thought out dish.  Bryan also didn’t get his entire dish on the plate.  Kevin’s dish looks like a big brown mess on the plate, but it’s meaty and manly, which the judges like.

Kevin, Eli, and Michael have the top dishes of the day.  Kevin wins again!  I think the Red Santa is really emerging as the top of the tops.  Bryan is pissed because he thinks he could have made that dish in 20 minutes his first year of culinary school.  Robin, Jennifer, and Mike I. are in the bottom.  (Robin?  Finally?  Please?  Is there a Top Chef God?)  Mike’s dish was raw and contained no protein.  Robin made a dish that she had never made before (have we not learned this lesson yet?)  After the judges deliberate, though, I think Mike I. is really in trouble.  And I’m right!  Mike I. is packing his knives this week.  But how on earth is Robin still scraping by?  The world will never know.

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Restaurant Wars:Top Chef (S6: E9)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 21, 2009

Padma lays down the law

Padma lays down the law

For the quickfire challenge, the cheftestants are broken up into teams.  They have to make a dish as a team, but they’re blindfolded until it’s their turn to cook, so they can’t talk to or work with their team.  The cheftestants have to work with what their teammates leave them and try to communicate the best they can.  One team made a strip steak, the other made a pan seared trout.  The winning dish came from Kevin, Michael, Jennifer, and Laurine.  The winning team gets an advantage in RESTAURANT WARS!  THE BEST CHALLENGE OF THE SEASON!  This time, the cheftestants don’t have to decorate their own restaurants.  (Which is a shame because it’s always kind of funny seeing them do that.)  The winning team in the quickfire gets to pick a real restaurant to serve as their own.

The teams break up their jobs and head over to Restaurant Depot and Whole Foods.  I have to say, it’s hard for me to believe this place, Restaurant Depot, actually exists.  One team decides to name their restaurant Revolt, which stands for Robin, Eli, and Voltaggio Bros.  Which kind of sounds like disgusting, really.  But ok.  The other team names their restaurant Mission (Jen, Kevin, Michael I., and Laurine) to signify their commitment to cooking good food.  The chefs ruminate on how whoever cooks the dessert ends up going home.  Very wise.  Robin gets assigned to do a dessert…is my desire to get her sent home finally actualizing???  YESSSSSSS.  Also, Mission assigned Laurine to do front of the house?  She’s the most awkward of all of them!  Poor choice.  Eli is the head of house for Revolt.  Also awkward.  Another poor choice.  The fronts of house (front of houses?) tend to get sent home for being the face of the restaurants.

When the judges show up, Tom can’t stop laughing at the name of Revolt.  (Poor choice, indeed.)  Nonetheless, the judges can’t deny that Michael V.’s first course of chicken was fantastic.  Robin’s pear dessert also got rave review from the judges (NOOOOOOO!)  Consensus from the judges was that Revolt‘s desserts were not in fact revolting, but quite good.

Mission has decided not to serve desserts, which the judges instantly notice.  (I for one could never go to a restaurant that didn’t serve dessert.  Blech.  That’s why I go to restaurants.)  They struggle to get all their fish dishes served on time, and Laurine floundered (heh) in the dining room.  Jennifer’s fish dishes also did not live up to the hype.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in trouble.

Despite the mistake in the naming, Revolt won the challenge.  Tom said this was the best restaurant they’ve seen in 6 years.  Toby gave them 3 stars for their opening!  The judges were complementary of all their dishes.  Not surprisingly, Michael V. took the challenge for his chicken dish.

The judges grill Mission for not having a clear leader.  Laurine is clearly on the chopping block for her poor management of the front of house.  Kevin also delivered a pretty poor lamb dish.  Ultimately, as has been the theme in restaurant wars past, the head of house goes home.  Bye bye Laurine!  (Long overdue!)  Luckily, Jen and Kevin manage to squeak by.

Next week? Natalie Portman!  (Oh, and Robin’s still here.  How does that keep happening?)

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Pairs, Pigs, and Pinot: Top Chef (S6: E8)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 14, 2009

Pour the Pinot

Pour the Pinot

And Oxford commas.  Heh.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest, the cheftestants’ quickfire was to pair a snack food with a meal.  (Alexia’s Snacks…how much money do you think they gave to Bravo?  Talk about product placement.  Have to admit though that the onion snacks looked pretty good…)  Jen’s porkchops were overdone.  Robin’s dish had a gross texture, and Ash didn’t succeed in his pairing.  Eli aka creepy parents’ basement dweller got the top dish this time.

Elimination challenge time!  The judges drew knives with pig parts, so clearly they’ll be working with pork.  I think that Kevin, who has a pig tattoo, has a pretty big advantage.  They have to pair their pig with a pinot noir for a charity event.  (Sidenote: three story wine cave with wine angels?  WANT.)  The judges get to pick which pinot they will pair with their pig.  Laurine is making a dish she’s never made before (has she ever seen this show?  does that EVER work?)

Eli and Robin have a blow up in the house that gets pretty intense.  Eli’s immature, but Robin is passive aggressive.  Lines of the night.  Eli: You’re not my mother.  Robin: I don’t want to be your mother.  If I was your mother I’d have raised you better.  Eeep.  Of course, he is immature.

As the chefs prepare their dishes, it’s clear to me that Ash doesn’t have the chutzpah to really be a top chef.  He lets Mike I. talk him into making a different dish.  He has some growing up to do to really come into his own as a chef.  The Brothers Voltaggio have a bit of a spat in the prep room.  Some manipulation is undertaken and swear words exchanged.

Robin’s dish was “slimy” according to the judges.  I think I know who’s packing their knives this week.

Jen, Bryan, Kevin, and Michael V. were in the top for their expert pairings and execution of pork dishes.  Kevin wins!  The pig tattoo must be good pork-cooking luck.  Ash, Laurine, and Robin landed at the bottom.  Ash failed to pair a flavorful dish with a full wine.  Of course, he let Mike talk him out of a good dish so it’s his own fault.  Laurine improperly executed her dish as well.  After the judging panel, I’m willing to bet it’ll be Laurine and not Robin heading home.  [Insert shot of one of the Voltaggios eating Alexia’s snacks.]

And I’m wrong.  Ash gets the axe tonight.  Robin and Laurine in all their mediocre glories get to stay.  His response to being eliminated?  “Ooops.”  (Does he have emotions?)

Next week?  RESTAURANT WARS!  Get stoked!  (And the preview shows Robin flipping out over a dessert.  Might it finally be time for her to meet her end?)

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Dinner Party: Top Chef (S6: E7)

Posted by CJ Cregg on October 7, 2009

First off, what was Padma wearing during the quickfire challenge?  She looked like Gumby in that green bodysuit.  (And I’m not buying that it’s maternity.  This was filmed awhile ago, so she probably wasn’t pregnant yet.)  For the quickfire challenge, the cheftestants pulled a slot machine to get some adjectives, ingredients, and a region to inspire their dishes.  Robin was in the bottom for a dish the guest judge described as “elementary.”  (Also she made curry for a Middle Eastern prompt, and as Padma pointed out, curry isn’t so Middle Eastern.)  Jen was also in the bottom for the first time.  (I hope it’s the fact that she was really sick.)  Mike Isabella, Kevin, and Mike V. were in the top.  Kevin took the win, despite never having cooked Asian food before.  He got the choice of taking immunity or $15,000.  WHAT A CHOICE!  He picked the money, feeling confident in his culinary skills.  Definitely the right decision.  He’s clearly among the most talented chefs.

Padma sends the chefs home for a home cooked meal.  Upon their arrival, they figure out they’ll be cooking the dinner in pairs for famous chefs.  Robin and Mike I. are paired up, and I KNOW that’s going to be an awful team.  To make matters worse, they’re assigned to work with Asian ingredients, with which Mike has no experience.  Tom noted the irony that Mike was calling all the shots despite Robin being the chef with experience working with those flavors.  Jen and Kevin were a promising team.  (It’s almost unfair, really, to pair them up.)  Also, because the chefs are cooking in their apartment, they don’t have a lot of room to cook.  So many patronizing comments from the Top Top Chefs!  (Mike I: Robin knows I’m a better chef than she is.  Mike V: Ash will be a great chef someday.)  They’ve clearly figured out who the key players are.  Mike V. blew a fuse in the house, which ruined his fish, and he was convinced he was going home.

The best dishes of the evening went to Kevin and Jen (no surprise there) and Laurine and Brian.  Jennifer took the win for their team.  (Whew, back on top for!)  She also won a $10,000 giftcard from Macy’s.  DROOOOOOOOOOL.  This was her first elim challenge win.  In the bottom were Michael V., Ash, Eli, and Ashley.  Ash admitted to the judges that he basically washed dishes, which led them to question his ambition.  Ashley served (salty) gnocchi outside in Vegas in the summer.  Michael’s fish was overcooked.

Turns out the biggest sin in the Sin City was to serve the salty gnocchi in the summer so Ashley was sent home.  (WHOOOOOO!  Another one of the mediocre women bites the bullet!)

Next to go?  Robin.  At the risk of being a broken record, why is she even still here?

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